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    First Amendment

    Apparently the moderators here don't care about it... so I'm off it. Take care. Individually Responsible. Sent from the back of a black van
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    City Owned Arena: Preempted?

    Anyone know if a city owned owned arena/stadium etc is preempted? Sent from the back of a black van
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    State Police Carry

    Pretty sure I haven't missed it. But nothing prohibits carry in MSP departments correct? Sent from the back of a black van
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    Troopers shoot LG OCer

    Felt this had to be posted, regardless of it being LGOC. http://www.pressherald.com/west-paris-teenager-recovering-after-being-shot-by-state-trooper_2013-06-09.html FUQ: A teen(18) with a hunting rifle was stopped by a trooper after calls of a suspicious MWAG. At some point the trooper ends...
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    Maine Military Supply Denies OCers

    As the title states MMS no longer allows loaded open carry. My money will be going elsewhere. Phone calls and emails stating you will no longer do business would be a great help. Ph: 207-989-6783 Email: info@mainemilitary.com Sent from the back of a black van
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    Pulled from Car for OC

    So apparently a drug agent saw my OCd pistol in a Serpa holster and claimed it was tucked inside my waistband. I was stopped 8 miles later after entering and exiting the highway by SP. Was removed from vehicle at gunpoint. My pistol was removed from my right sided while still seated. Officer...
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    Response to Rep. Corey Wilson's Interview on GHRT

    My email in response to his George Hale/Rick Tyler interview. Lets see if i get a response.... yes, I'm upfront and blatant, that's just me, i show no remorse. Some of you may not like it....oh well....
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    Wiscasset 2A March 3/9/13

    When: March 9, 2013 12:00pm(noon) Where: Intersection of Rt. 1 and Rt. 27 in Wiscasset Purpose: To protest Rep. Tim Marks' anti-gun bills. This is being headed by the same woman, Jessica Beckwith, that setup the rally in February.
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    Hey guys, wanted to let you know about a new forum i started. This is an attempt to bring the many small Maine firearm forums together. For general firearms talk and the right to bear arms. MEGunTalk.com There we can discuss ALL things shooting: -RKBA -Open Carry of any firearm -Types of...
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    Jan 19th Rally

    Everyone is doing it. Anything planned for the capitol here?
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    Writ of Mandamus or Rule80b?

    Would drilling a complaint against not having a permit issued fall under writ of mandamus or rule 80b? 60 days is coming up in a couple of weeks i want to be ready. Also who would i would i file through?
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    Required Documentation Handgun purchase

    Do you need a state ID or is a CCW enough? I ask because, I have yet to switch to a ME license, however, my permit will be issued soon, can I use that? I know I've had some newb questions lately :banghead:
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    Augusta this weekend 11/10

    Going to be in Augusta this weekend with the Mrs. Will be walking around OCing if anyone wanted to meet for a few minutes.
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    Are all ME CCWs paper?

    Someone told me ME permits are paper. Are they all paper? Or does it depend on the issuing authority? Being from CT where our permits resemble driver licenses this was just weird to me. Anyone have a photo? This is CT's
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    Assault on Old Town

    So Friday night I was sucker punched twice at the Riverfront Pub in Old Town. Lip is still numb, got a nice little shiner and the right side of my face is swollen. Police were called and arrived while the crowd was outside. Friends and I stood still as the police showed up, I tops the first...
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    Fight Against "Capitol Area" Carry

    Anybody every thought about fighting this? Considering that we all have a 2A right to possess and carry firearms, IMHO this prohibition isn't Constitutional. If the law banned carry in state buildings only it wouldn't be an issue. However, the Capitol Area as defined, includes residences(from...
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    Town Hall/City Council vs Preemption

    Do Town Halls fall under preemption? Can I be banned from bringing a firearm to a City Council meeting?
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    One of us? Long gun OC in Orono.

    Heard there was a mwag call about a man with a long gun uncased walking across the Orono downtown bridge. Don't know what the result was. Upset I missed the guy he literally had to walk past my house.
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    Bangor Savings Pro-Gun

    As a continuation of my People's Bank problem I set out to find a pro-gun bank. Bangor Savings quickly responded to my email requesting a phone call. I gave them a call and was told OC is perfectly ok in their branches. They do ask that when going to the branch for the first time that you speak...
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    Orono OC Picnic-Guaging Interest

    In the month that I have been in Maine I have had more problems with OC than I did in the 2 years i OCed in Connecticut. Today I received an e-mail from a friend at the Local PD. However, it got me thinking, and aggravated me a lil. He is usually all for excersising your rights especially 2A...