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  1. Wolfgang1952

    Why in hell are we accepting thies kind of adds?

    If this is not the right place then move it. Why in hell are we accepting advertisements from Conceal Carry Teachers? We are suppose to be for Open Carry not Conceal Carry. They sure don’t promote us. They actually hate us. Wolf
  2. Wolfgang1952

    LOCAL Florida Parishes August Monthly Meeting Cancealed

    Florida Parishes members we’ve got our monthly meeting coming up next Saturday the 10th of Aug. Same place as last time. If you didn’t know we will be having our meeting at the La Iguana Mexican Restaurant across the street from the court house in Franklinton. Wolf
  3. Wolfgang1952

    Florida Parishes Chapter of LOCAL found NEW meeting place

    Harold Hoover found us new meeting place. About five miles out of Amite, West on 16 is Tall Timbers Truck Stop and Casino. On the left side there is Mufalatas restaurant. They sell no boos. I went out and talked with the owner for awhile this evening and he is very receptive of us. So on the...
  4. Wolfgang1952

    Florida Parishes Monthly Meeting

    This is just a reminder about our upcoming monthly meeting for the Florida Parishes Chapter on the second Sat of March. The meeting is held at 6;30pm at the Panda Garden Chinese Buffet in Amite La. If anyone has any questions you can contact me wolfgang1952@dish.net Wolf
  5. Wolfgang1952

    LOCAL - Florida Parishes Meeting

    Just a reminder about the Florida Parishes LOCAL monthly meeting on the 12th of Dec. For any new members the meeting is held at The Panda Garden Buffet in Amite ate 6:30pm
  6. Wolfgang1952

    Just a reminder about this month’s North Shore meeting

    Just a remind to all you OC’ers in St Tammany, Tangipahoa, Washington, Livingston, and St Helena Parishes about the LOCAL meeting on Wednesday the 14th at the Panda Garden in Amite at 6:30pm
  7. Wolfgang1952

    North Shore Chapter of LaOC.org (LOCAL) Wed Nov 14th 2012

    The next meeting of the North Lake Chapter oh LOCAL will be on the 14th on November due to the third wed being the day before Thanksgiving. Same time same place except different DAY. So if you North Shore OCers can make come meet and eat at the Panda Garden Buffet in Amite. We will be...
  8. Wolfgang1952

    To all you North Shore OCer’s

    To all you North Shore OCer’s in St Tammany, Tangipahoa, Washington, Livingston and St Helena Parishes. Louisiana Open Carry Awareness League (LOCAL) is having a meet and greet at 6:30pm at the PANDA GARDEN BUFFET in Amite La on the 17th (third Wed) of October. The Panda Garden is at 910 W...
  9. Wolfgang1952

    North Shore Chapter of LaOC.org (LOCAL) Meet and Greet Wed Oct 17 2012

    For all you North Shore OCers put this on your calendar so you don’t forget. Local.org is forming a North Lake Chapter. The meetings will be held at the Panda Garden Buffet Chinese Restraint at 910 W Oak St. Amite La. at 6;30pm on the third Wed of the month starting in Oct. next month. For all...
  10. Wolfgang1952

    Stella awards

    This is disgusting! They should not reward people for being stupid, I think there is something wrong with the court system : .... It's time again for the annual 'Stella Awards'! For those unfamiliar with these awards, they are named after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck who spilled hot coffee...
  11. Wolfgang1952

    Obama Wants Senate To Ratify Arms Treaty

    U.S. REP TO U.N. SAYS OBAMA WANTS SENATE TO RATIFY ARMS TREATY BELLEVUE, WA - The Obama administration "is seeking advice and consent" for Senate ratification of an international small arms treaty, and also supports the inclusion of small arms in the UN Register of Conventional Arms, the...
  12. Wolfgang1952

    OC in State Parks

    Are the State Parks OC friendly? This is what the law says. To me this is double talk. §1691. Possession of firearms A person who lawfully possesses a firearm may possess or transport such firearm within the boundaries of a state park, state historic site, state preservation area...
  13. Wolfgang1952

    Jury Duty

    Got a Subpoena for Jury Duty. To start off with I am an X cop. I got picked in the first round for the Jury. When they started asking the potential juries to tell the court about them self’s. Well I informed them that I was an X Cop from the St Bernard Sheriff’s Office. The Judge asked...
  14. Wolfgang1952

    Constitutional Carry - no permit for either OC or CC

    Has anyone thought about trying to get Constitutional Carry hear in La? I thought I heard about someone trying to just get that done.
  15. Wolfgang1952

    Petsmart is OC friendly in Covington.

    I went to Petsmart today to pick up some Fish Food. I saw one of my friends outside before entering the store. We talked for a while and also about me open carrying. I handed hem one of my trifolds from LOCAL. One of Petsmarts Cashiers heard us talking’ he asked if I had another flyer, so I...