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  1. golddigger14s

    Save the date: 4/18/2020 Olympia - March for our Rights 3.0

    Greetings all, Looks like the same group(s) as last year are setting up for another 'March for our Rights' in Olympia on 4/18/2020, Noon - 4PM. Early notice...hopefully more info to follow. Now more than ever spread the word and plan on attending if you can.
  2. golddigger14s

    March For Our Rights 2.0 April 27, 2019

    12-3pm at the Capitol. https://m.facebook.com/events/1984075635224353/?active_tab=about
  3. golddigger14s

    2019 New Years shoot.

    Every year WAGUNS has a New Years shoot/Potluck at Evergreen Sportsman Club. Even though I'm currently in OK I will be flying back to attend. The shoot/potluck is free, but I do encourage you to register, and become a site supporter. $2will not hurt you. More info...
  4. golddigger14s

    First OC in OK.

    After almost 10 years of learning gun laws in WA state, I'm now learning the regs here in OK. This weekend I went camping at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge in OK. Depending on the temperature I OC'd, and CC'd. I'm not sure if anybody truly saw my weapon., but there were no negative events. I just...
  5. golddigger14s

    Tulsa Gathering Place Park Good News

    https://www.tulsaworld.com/news/gatheringplace/gathering-place-gun-ban-will-not-be-enforced-by-tulsa/article_d2635ccd-a58b-5843-b698-a9c22b1e97af.html "Title 21, Section 1277, of Oklahoma Statutes has an exception allowing for the carry of legally licensed concealed or unconcealed handguns on...
  6. golddigger14s

    My first encounter.

    I just moved to Lawton a few days ago, and I went into goodwill to see if there were any bargains for my new place. I was actually CCing since I'm new, and want to get a feel of the area. I was carrying in a soft sided "cell phone type case", and one of the employees recognized what it is. He...
  7. golddigger14s

    2nd Saturday Breakfast Lawton, OK

    When I get to Lawton I will try to make the FGST lunches, but for those that can't make it due to work I propose a Saturday option. Second Saturday (2nd A) to make it easy to remember. 9am at Golden Corral: 2632 Nw Cache Road OC/CC/Fat/Skinny/Old/Young/Male/Female all welcome! So the first one...
  8. golddigger14s

    Constitutional Carry' gun bill!

    http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/04/26/oklahoma-house-passes-constitutional-carry-gun-bill.html "The Oklahoma House of Representatives on Wednesday passed what has been dubbed as the ‘Constitutional Carry’ gun bill in a 59-28 vote. The bill would allow all law-abiding Oklahomans to carry a...
  9. golddigger14s

    Rally 4 UR Rights 1/12/2018 Capitol

    9-12 Friday Jan 12th 2018 at the Capitol. "Very important this year, set aside January 12th. We are going to Olympia to Rally for Our Rights again. This year it is very important as we no longer have the safety net of a state senate to stop anything bad for us. As we do each year we are rallying...
  10. golddigger14s

    Where are the Washingtonians?

    Why is there more comments from people 2K miles + away? At least I can be happy that mcbeth is gone. Where are the locals? Get back on board, and be heard. We may have it pretty good in WA, but we can't slack off.
  11. golddigger14s

    Coming to Jefferson , TX April 1-2

    I have a WA CPL (which is honored by TX), and going to a metal detecting event in Jefferson. I OC all the time up here in WA, but during my brief visit I will probably CC. Any input on the OC atmosphere in the Jefferson area...
  12. golddigger14s

    2ND Sunday Meet 2/12/2017 9 am.

    http://www.hprestaurant.com/ OC friendly.
  13. golddigger14s

    February 2, at 9:00 am Discuss House bill 1387/1122

    Meet at Hawks Prairie Restaurant at 9 am http://www.hprestaurant.com/ Meet at the restaurant and talk things over. Discuss the bills and then attend the hearing and maybe even speak out against them. Please ask questions and let us discuss this. There should be a link or cut and paste to send...
  14. golddigger14s

    Best Video Ever!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnBWa_xJz6A&t=205s Why GFZ don't work. :)
  15. golddigger14s

    2nd Amendment Rally at the Capitol Sept. 24th.

    All the info I have so far: https://www.facebook.com/events/151947311896125/
  16. golddigger14s

    Gay Pride 2016 wants to ban OC

    I have no link, but I am watching this live on KIRO 7. Gay Pride 2016 wants to ban OC during their festival this year 6/25-26. They complained that SPD did nothing about OC during the 2015 event. OK, we support you, and you want to ban us? If I'm not mistaken, I would call that hypocrisy? I help...
  17. golddigger14s

    PSA for responsible shooting on forest lands.

  18. golddigger14s

    Open carry retaliation in AR?

    The police chief in Bald Knob, Arkansas, went outside of his home Monday night to find his truck engulfed in flames and “2 Amendment” written on both sides of it. “I opened the front door and the whole back glass fully engulfed and then written on the side of it second amendment,” Chief Erek...
  19. golddigger14s

    Awesome Gerber Customer Service

    I bought two knives from Gerber, a full auto Downrange Propel and a Strongarm. After I made the order I found the Strongarm for almost half price elsewhere. I returned the Strongarm for a refund, and today I noticed the deposit back to my bank account. The deposit was for the whole amount for...
  20. golddigger14s

    Racial Threads?

    What's up with all the racial threads?