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  1. VAopencarry

    More Fun for PG county police dept.

    Pervert cop sends sleazy text's to woman just minutes after getting her number while conducting official business. http://www.myfoxdc.com/dpp/news/local/policeman-suspended-after-sleazy-texts-113010 They really need to clean house down there.
  2. VAopencarry

    County seeks to issue Carry Permits

    "Washington County might seek state legislation authorizing the county sheriff to issue permits to carry handguns, the Washington County Commissioners said Tuesday." http://www.herald-mail.com/?module=displaystory&story_id=254193&format=html
  3. VAopencarry

    Univ of CO Bans NERF guns!!!

    imported post I knew it was a liberal school but jeez. My daughter goes to school there too.:shock::cry: http://current.com/1nqeq4c
  4. VAopencarry

    Congrats Mike

    imported post on passing the Bar, on your first crack no less.:celebrate:celebrate
  5. VAopencarry

    Man arrested for OC'ing a SKS

    imported post I didn't notice previously but this happened in July. I guess y'all have heard about it already. http://keyc.voyageurweb.com/node/24491
  6. VAopencarry

    Needed: Facebook savvy youngen

    imported post A Gun rights group is trying to expand their internet presence. They are looking for someone Facebook savvy to help them. If you could spare an hour or 2 to help out send me a PM. thanks
  7. VAopencarry

    Motorcyclist and Parents

    imported post Not gun related but motorcycle related. proposed legislation H921-v-1 Would prevent a person from riding a motorcycle with a passenger under 16 years old. Anyone that rides and their children like to go along sometimes, might want to contact their Reps on this...
  8. VAopencarry

    Permitless carry poll- MT

    imported post Hit this one. Scroll down on the left. http://helenair.com/
  9. VAopencarry

    HB 246

    imported post Guns made in Montana bill passed out of Committee today. Vote count 20 to ZERO WooHoo!!
  10. VAopencarry

    Help needed for HB228

    imported post From the MSSA: Dear MSSA Friends, It's action time with HB 228, MSSA's flagship Self Defense bill. Let me first give you a report on where we are with the bill. Further down in this email I'll tell you about the CRITICAL HELP we need from you. Report. The House Judiciary...
  11. VAopencarry


    imported post Can local jurisdictions make their own laws regarding OC and CC? I haven't been able to figure out what they can and cannot do. I was looking around the MCA and didn't see anything that would restrict where you can OC. Is this true?
  12. VAopencarry

    Self defense shooting in Manassas

    imported post A guy I work with is a volunteer EMT. He told me last night they ran a call, off Sudley Rd(I think). A guy was walking his dog about 10:30pm. Two guys tried to rob him at knife point. He pulled out a S&W 340PD. Two shots fired, 2 head shots, 2 dead bad guys. I can't find any news...
  13. VAopencarry

    Who needs a gun at Chuck E Cheese?

    imported post Seems the kiddie clubhouse is a dangerous place to be. Some locations are hiring armed security. They aren't being robbed, it is because of the patrons!! http://cityguides.msn.com/citylife/cityarticle.aspx?cp-documentid=15819667 By Anna Prior, Wall Street Journal In...
  14. VAopencarry

    Virginia State Police-Concealed Handgun-Encounter

    imported post So I am driving down I66 east when I get lit up by VSP. I pull over, turn off radio, flip my mirror due to BRIGHT lights of the Trooper, turn on inside light, hands on the wheel and wait. Trooper comes up to the passenger window, I wind it down. -In Virginia there is not a 'duty...
  15. VAopencarry

    Thanks for the Links John

    imported post Thanks for the links in the forum back to the main OCDO page. A feature I have been waiting for since Day One. :lol:
  16. VAopencarry

    Home Invaders beat up pregnant women.

    imported post How much lower can these scum suckers get? STAFFORD, Va. -- [/b]Two pregnant women were attacked during a home invasion in Stafford County Friday night, authorities said.On Friday before midnight, three people went to a home in the 1000 block of Providence Street, knocked on the...
  17. VAopencarry

    Heller poll on Fox DC channel

    imported post Scroll down a little, on the right. http://www.myfoxdc.com/myfox/
  18. VAopencarry

    Arizona passes Lawful Brandishing law.

    imported post Arizona self defense
  19. VAopencarry

    Baltimore City's Finest

    imported post I know this is OT but it's disturbing enough, to me, I felt compelled to share. Cop that needs to lose his badge
  20. VAopencarry

    Maryland Constitution

    imported post Given the state of oppression in Maryland I found this interesting. Declaration of Rights Art. 6. That all persons invested with the Legislative or Executive powers of Government are the Trustees of the Public, and, as such, accountable for their conduct: Wherefore, whenever the...