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    Conceal Pistol License Training HB 1315

    Did this ever pass? Even if it didn’t I’m still thinking about letting my CPL lapse now they took away the ability to get around the 10 waiting period to buy a gun. That’s basically the only reason I still have one.
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    Bill proposes guns to be taken from extreme people

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    OT: Fast CPL Issue for Non-Resident

    What police/sheriff departments issue CPL's quickly. My sister is visiting in a few months and wants to be able to defend her self when staying in Seattle. She knows she can OC but as she plans on traveling on the the buses and cars she will need the CPL to stay legal. Any where within a 2 hour...
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    Unicorn at Southcenter Best Buy

    Was any one in here in the best buy in southcenter at 06:30pm tonight OC'ing what looked to be a bitone XD. Sent from my ADR6400L using Tapatalk 2
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    Seattle Council Meeting to reduce gun violence.

    http://www.komonews.com/news/Police-city-leaders-look-to-tackle-Seattle-gun-violence-162975876.html?m=y&smobile=y&clmob=y&c=n "What has to change in our society is this belief that when you're out and carrying a gun, it's a good thing, it's an OK thing," said Seattle Police Chief John Diaz...
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    OT: Oregon CHL for wa resident.

    Slightly off topic but I was wondering if any one has heard when the next time that sheriff palmer from grant county Oregon will be making a trip to Washington state to take permit applications. Sent from my ADR6400L using Tapatalk
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    XDm 3.8 45 Compact Holster

    Could any one recommend a holster for OC'ing a XDm 3.8 45 Compact. I just placed one on layaway with a gun store and am looking for a open carry holster for it. If anyone owns this gun any pictures of the holster you use and how it carries would be a great help thanks.
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    OCer in Burien Safeway Yesterday

    imported post Was anybody from here OCing at the Burien Safeway yesterday? It was the first time since being back in Washington that I have seen somebody OCing.
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    OT WTB Glock 27

    imported post I am looking to buy a Glock 27 in the Everett area. I don't have a car but I can travel as far as Seattle or Mount Vernon. I am out of town until the 1st but I can meet for a FTF deal after that. PM me with any offers please. Thanks Badger54.
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    Guns in Parks: The Hoplophobes’ Travel Guide to the United States

    imported post I saw this on another site and thought it may be of interest. http://newledger.com/2009/05/guns-in-parks-the-hoplophobes%E2%80%99-travel-guide-to-the-united-states/ Last week, President Obama signed a bill which, besides changing credit card laws, says that in National Parks and...
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    Sportsmans Warehouse

    imported post I have been out of the country visiting relatives for the past few months and recently when onto the Sportsmans Warehouse website and noticed they no longer have any Washington stores listed and I was wondering if anybody knows if they have closed down or been bought out or something.