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Back yard shooting range and restrictions on plat

color of law

Accomplished Advocate
Oct 7, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
I was going spend the money and build a nice berm to shoot just hand guns into as I don't have the distance to shoot rifles and not really into shotguns . I am still researching this issue I emailed the county judge executive about any county zoning or ordinances that might be in place and have not received a reply back yet.
So, you refuse to tell us what county you live in. Got it. This post was a waste of my time, thanks.


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
If it matters it is Whitley county and I have found out after going to the court house there is no county zoning or ordinances in the county.
yes sir, you got yourself an administrative clerk to give you the verbal answer you were seeking - - ask ya!

yepper that there “he said/they said“ nonsense will hold up in absolutely any court and will work in a civil suit as well !

ya’ll have fun now with that there shoot’g range in a residential community, ya hear...