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Best deals


New member
Nov 15, 2009
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let me know what the best deals you've found online and offline. pawn shops, wal-mart not alpha-omega.

bought some ncstar scope rings and they made a 200% profit on me. still kickn myself


Regular Member
Jan 5, 2009
Best deals for what products?

For guns, I shop online at Buds Guns or Impact for specs and comparisons. When I am ready to buy I go to the local Impact store and Cabellas, maybe Sportsmen's Warehouse. I find that the sales people at Cabella's and SW are knowledgable on product if less so than RK, Cliff's and some of the local stores.

Ammo, either Cabellas or Walmart so far.

I'd like to support some local shows and dealers they just never seem to have stock for what I want. I hope to make a big buy later this year but then again I never seem to have time to go shooting nowadays anyway.

For training, I only trust RK Guns so far.


New member
May 14, 2011
I’m in the market for a new hand gun and went to Boise Gun Company last week. I’ve done some research and was interested in 3 different handguns (Glock 38, Springfield XD and S&W MP all in .45) the staff (Adam) pulled all 3 out so I could compare them (how they felt, weight, etc), answered all my questions , made a few suggestions and showed me some cool firearms. The prices where inline with impact guns at the time I post this (some higher some lower). I did not look at ammo or anything else. Based on the way I was treated I’ll be going back (just have to convince the wife the HK45 is a need not a want). Here’s their link http://www.boisegun.com/