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open letter to GRNC & GRNC-PVF


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
Paul, just got a PVF alert - not sure how you obtained my email but it raised a question ~[ya addy put under the junk delete immediately category!]
why is your organization is dying on the vine...?
material on your internet site is grossly outdated? {In a simple, easily utilized voter guide, the Remember in November project covers nearly all state and federal candidates in North Carolina. In 2010...]
accomplishment material still showing your organization passed NC legislation?
your personal blog shows a 2017 blog posting?
PVC's blog talks about "ERIC HOLDER" push ?

oh the pittman's PVF alert isn't on your website...really?

I know as you previously discussed on this forum's thread...your organization only pushes for the sane and sober law-biding citizens to conceal carry...

Oh the bright side...the requests for donations are thriving like mad...