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Ron Paul on Guns

Doug Huffman

Jun 9, 2006
Washington Island, across Death's Door, Wisconsin,
imported post

More on RP and Heinlein...


I don’t know who wrote the question, but finally, somebody (besides me) made the point that nearly everything in The P4ulian’s platform falls outside the Executive powers outlined by the Constitution. Hear, hear! The question? Given that, how exactly do you plan to implement yours?

You’d think The P4ulian would have read the Constitution. Apparently, he has not — or only the Cliff’s Notes.

By the way, he danced around the question, rather than answering it.
from a RightWingNation thread...

Beyond this point, science fiction has a long and proud tradition of irascible loners with contrary politics, and there are more of them than you think. I doubt there’s a single Ron Paul supporter in the land who doesn’t have a well-thumbed copy of either Farnham’s Freehold or The Moon is a Harsh Mistress or both. Being politically incorrect is not actually a liability in science fiction.
I have a worn The Exhaustive Concordance to The United States Constitution, edited by Dennis Bizzoco (Firm Foundation Press, Chattanooga, 1994) and a well-thumbed Farnham's Freehold.