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I did not see a "contact us" option on the main page, so I am contacting you through the forum. Your map fro restaurant shows North Dakota in red as banned. This is not correct. If you look at exception f at the bottom the restrictions to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol is not in effect if the restaurant allows people under the age of 18 on that side. I don't know how it works everywhere, but many restaurants here have 2 separate sides, a "bar" side and a" restaurant" side. Only people 21 & over may go into the bar side, but anyone can sit on the restaurant side. If you are over 21 you can still order alcohol on the restaurant side, but obviously you can't/shouldn't drink if you are carrying. I hope you can update the map. Thanks!


62.1-02-04. Possession of firearm or dangerous weapon in liquor establishment prohibited
Penalty Exceptions.

1. An individual who enters or remains in that part of the establishment that is set aside for the retail sale
of alcoholic beverages or used as a gaming site at which bingo is the primary gaming activity while in the possession of a firearm or dangerous weapon is guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

2. This section does not apply to:

a. A law enforcement officer.
b. The proprietor.
c. The proprietor's employee.
d. A designee of the proprietor when the designee is displaying an unloaded firearm or dangerous weapon as a prize or sale item in a raffle or auction.
e. Private security personnel while on duty for the purpose of delivering or receiving moneys used at the liquor establishment or at the gaming site at which bingo is the primary gaming activity.
f. The restaurant part of an establishment if an individual under twenty-one years of age is not prohibited in that part of the establishment.
North Dakota