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Recent content by bad_ace

  1. bad_ace

    Starbucks To Buy Peet's Coffee? Expected to be safer soon.

    http://consumerist.com/2011/03/starbucks-to-buy-peets-coffee.html I may be buying stock in Peet's Coffee (PEET) as I expect the trend that Starbucks saw in it's stock price this last year to be repeated. Some attribute the rise to the free press they were dragged into by the media and brady...
  2. bad_ace

    VIDEO: Two 'e' Checks In 2 Minutes Spanning 2 Agencies.

    Because PC12031 is written vaguely I often wondered if one could be detained indefinitely under it's exemptions and 'authority' given to LEOs. Example 1: "The Infinite Loop". Take a group of LEOs (6 or so) tasked with keeping the peace at an event. To discourage an OCer from attending or in...
  3. bad_ace

    Bill To Ban Open Carry AB 1934

    imported post http://info.sen.ca.gov/pub/09-10/bill/asm/ab_1901-1950/ab_1934_bill_20100406_amended_asm_v98.pdf PDF http://info.sen.ca.gov/pub/09-10/bill/asm/ab_1901-1950/ab_1934_bill_20100406_amended_asm_v98.html Text Just incase it wasn't posted here. And now a few hours to sit down and...
  4. bad_ace

    My 23-Feb-2010 Detainment. Great Conversation.

    imported post http://www.opencarryradio.com/?p=491 Find the audio here. Transcript of crappy audio: Deputy: You know why we’re here. Me: Yeah I know why you’re here. Deputy: Just wanna check to see you’re in compliance. Me: Sure. Sure. Do you really wanna do that standing on the road...
  5. bad_ace

    77 Year Old, San Jose Man charged Jan. 22nd for 626.9 violation.

    imported post http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_14247410?nclick_check=1 Article: A month ago, nearly two dozen San Jose police officers circled around Sherman "Tony" Fontano after a parent spotted the 74-year-old toting a .357 unloaded Magnum near a school. He was arrested...
  6. bad_ace

    HD VIDEO: 2 Second Draw and Load.

    imported post I stay proficient, but in no way did I spend a lot of time practicing this. With practice I suspect I could do it faster or in this same time under stress. I uploaded this in response to people that wanted to discredit me becasue of my claim that I could draw, drop empty mag...
  7. bad_ace

    Full Records Request from Sunnyvale PD

    imported post Two part PDF. http://opencarryradio.com/documents/Opencarry_PRAR_Sunnyvale1r.pdf http://opencarryradio.com/documents/Opencarry_PRAR_Sunnyvale2.pdf What I’ve learned from these documents (you may find more): 1. It seems SPD has a collaborative effort to stifle open carry...
  8. bad_ace

    Oklahoma Woman Defends Her Life with Shotgun

    imported post 10 minutes from the time she called 911 to the time she pulled the trigger. I can't find any reports on how long it actually took the police to show up. I've included the Associated Press audio because unlike the other news report they kept most of the audio unedited. This...
  9. bad_ace

    Adding an M4 style Buttstock to your Glock

    imported post Has anyone seen this? I think I just found an excuse to buy a Glock http://www.endotactical.com/gallery.html Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_o1DwqdYUM My only concern would be the slide popping me in the nose, or as in the video, the bill of my hat. I'm thinking this...
  10. bad_ace

    HD VIDEO: Sunnyvale DPS Officers Check Open Carriers

    imported post I will be standing down from Open Carrying at events until 2A is incorporated into California's constitution (even if by case law). I will continue to carry in my neighborhood as I see fit, but not in any activism rolls until that later date...
  11. bad_ace

    Bay Area Meetup With Media Film Crew.

    imported post If you live in the Bay Area and would like to come out and support the progress made in the last year, PM me for details. Concerns about the media presence should also be sent via PM please. Act fast it will be this week or next! Please do not use this thread to discus...
  12. bad_ace

    Internal Open Carry Memo Sep 18 2009 Sunnyvale CA

    imported post Here is the memo dated Sep 18 2009 http://www.opencarryradio.com/documents/Sunnyvale_California_Memo_18_Sep_09.pdf It was an attachment to an email obtained through a PRAR. What I had to say about it on my website: If the owner of californiaopencarry.org would like to add it...
  13. bad_ace

    DirtyKoala is Off the Air!

    imported post You may have noticed that all of dirtykoala's posts have disappeared. He's decided to remove all posts after reading the California Public Records Act Request (CPRAR). I've received every Sunnyvale PD departmental email, memo, meeting minutes, etc. pertaining to "Open Carry" and...
  14. bad_ace

    Big Round of Applause for this Sheriffs Deputy :)

    imported post Out walking the dog, I walk past a Sheriffs car parked at a gas station, he flags me down. Audio: http://www.opencarryradio.com/audio/PC12031e_oct_9_2009.mp3 Transcript: Deputy: Hey, How ay doin? Me: Pretty good, howbout yourself. Deputy: Beautiful dog. Me: Thanks Deputy...
  15. bad_ace

    1 Million Frames Per Second Bullet collisions

    imported post Some German ballistics company made this video, you've got to check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfDoQwIAaXg So amazing.