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Recent content by badkarma

  1. badkarma

    Custom AR-15 for Youth Shooting Sports Raffle

    Raffle went great. Tumwater received a check. Winner received a rifle. Life is good. Someone needs to bugger off.
  2. badkarma

    Custom AR-15 for Youth Shooting Sports Raffle

    This is to support youth shooting sports. Which I think we can all agree, is constantly at risk of losing support. If John feels this should be removed, since it is his site, then I ask that he just simply let me know.
  3. badkarma

    Custom AR-15 for Youth Shooting Sports Raffle

    I have built a custom rifle with donated parts from members of WaGuns. All money will go to Tumwater High School Rifle Team. I know some of us visit this forum often too. Here are some pictures of the build and a link to details on the raffle. WaGuns Rifle Raffle
  4. badkarma


    I created a space to post pictures of OC/CC https://www.facebook.com/ipackagun/ 2 pictures are already up from the local Seattle area.
  5. badkarma

    Open Carrier Bullied by Protesters at Seattle May Day 2015

    Incase you all don't know. Shane Butts was the Gasmask guy at the Capitol Rally in January.
  6. badkarma

    King County Code

    Anyone perceive this to be out of date? http://www.kingcounty.gov/council/legislation/kc_code.aspx
  7. badkarma

    Fight for your 2nd Amendment rights Jan 19th Olympia

    I hope to see everyone there!
  8. badkarma

    WA Ceasefire - March in Seattle on 1-13-13

    At the beginning of what was supposed to be a somber event, they had these Granny's Raging on the stage to bring comedy in remembering the deaths of 28 people at Newtown. How appropriate. Also, the Granny on the left offered to lace cookies and give them to me so I can die. She is all about...
  9. badkarma

    Ask a Cop.

    Has anyone seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8f4KbmcQ0M&feature=player_embedded
  10. badkarma

    SIR PLUS SUPPLY is not gun friendly

    Went there a little over a week ago to get a few camping supplies and noticed a 8.5X11 sheet of note book paper on the door. It said something to the effect of "Leave your gun in the car." I tried to take a picture but the light from the sun blurred it. I added them to the friendorfoe site. I...
  11. badkarma

    Just Visiting

    I'm in ATL for the week and wanted to kow what the OC situation is here? I see some threads saying it might be per county but nothing sticky that explains the law. I'm CC while here(Legal due to reproprocity).
  12. badkarma

    Washington Cease Fire Event 10/9 Greenlake

    I just noticed that Washington Cease Fire is holding an event. Anyone interested in holding our own non-event in the same proximity? "Our annual Day of Remembrance event at 10:30 A.M. Sunday, October 9, at Green Lake Park, Seattle." http://www.washingtonceasefire.org/events
  13. badkarma

    East Lake Washington (Duvall) Meet Up August 7th 8am

    Monthly Meet Up. Duvall Starbucks. 8am on August 7th(Sunday morning). Last time I had some address issues so here is the accurate address. 26304 NE Big Rock Rd Bldg B Duvall, WA 98019 It is NOT the one in the Safeways. It is across Big Rock road from the Safeways. We had 5 people last...
  14. badkarma

    Eastside Meet up 7/23

    Your talking about the middle east. Not that far east.
  15. badkarma

    Eastside Meet up 7/23

    Starbucks in Duvall(Across from Safeways. Not the one in Safeways). 14020 Main Street Northeast, Duvall, WA 8am Who ever shows up first gets to pick the next date and location.