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Recent content by bbMurphy

  1. bbMurphy

    Today, Virginia; tomorrow, THE WORLD!

    I'll cast my vote for BS.
  2. bbMurphy

    "Civil War"?

    I believe that the "Hitler youth" was disbanded after Germany surrendered in '45. "With the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945, the organisation de facto ceased to exist. On 10 October 1945, the Hitler Youth and its subordinate units were outlawed by the Allied Control Council along with other...
  3. bbMurphy

    Viking After-walkers, ‘zombies’, A.K.A ear-dwellers. Memes.

    It's already been done. Many times. Most people refer to them as politicians.
  4. bbMurphy

    Transferring ownership

    I may be a little dense here but since 14-402/14-403 refer to the purchase of a handgun, wouldn't his mother gifting them to him make these 2 statutes moot?
  5. bbMurphy

    Virginia’s Democratic Government Announced It Will Begin Confiscating Guns From Law-Abiding Gun Owners. Red State

    What is needed are state electoral colleges so that the overpopulated areas don't control the entire state through popular vote mandates. Why should Fairfax County have any more say in how the state is run than Suffolk, Culpepper, Rockingham, Franklin, or Scott counties? Because they have a...
  6. bbMurphy

    LEO don't need ERPO

    He's out on $200,000 bond. https://bailbondsnetwork.com/bail-amounts-how-much.html#7 Average Bail Amounts for Felony Crimes How much is bail for murder? There is no bail for murder under certain circumstances. Other murder arrests have a $1 million dollar bail that is typically set. Such...
  7. bbMurphy

    Scott County Preemption Violations

    Fantastic gutshot! Keep up the good work! I'm sure that it's much appreciated in KY.
  8. bbMurphy

    Pennsylvania channeling Surry County?

    At least he didn't use an assault Pop-Tart.
  9. bbMurphy


    Virginia never ratified either the 16th or the 17th Amendments. I think that the 16th (federal income tax) should stand but the tax laws completely gutted and rewritten without all of the loopholes and rabbit holes to hide in. In my opinion, a straight % of ALL income regardless of...
  10. bbMurphy

    Gender Identity??

    I admit it. I snorted when I read this. (y)
  11. bbMurphy


    Would this qualify as a 'mini' Darwin Award?
  12. bbMurphy


    If you're going to participate in the full Rolling Thunder ride, remember that it goes into D.C. where OC or CC will be met with a very dim view of your 2A rights. As long as you stay in Virginia, you're good while riding. OC wherever, no permit required, CC with a CHP. *** Edited to refrence...
  13. bbMurphy

    AR and AK Handguns

    Having recently fired both the AR and AK handguns (along with my .357) at the Blacksburg range in the Jefferson National Forest, I can make these comparisons: Both of them were much louder than my Ruger .357 police service six with a 4 inch barrel. The AK had a stronger kickback than the AR...
  14. bbMurphy

    John, please appoint a moderator.

    I recall a weapon of war being referenced in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. Ye Holy Hand Grenade.
  15. bbMurphy

    Reckless Operation