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Recent content by BigDave

  1. BigDave

    Some Schools will have armed officials in Yakima County

    Finally the beginning of arming some school administrators to be first responders. http://www.yakimaherald.com/home/2222040-8/toppenish-schools-will-have-armed-officials-this-fall Fireworks are sure to come out of this announcement.
  2. BigDave

    Gun Range requiring qualification prior to shooting...

    Today I went with Nick to Kittitas Trading Company which has the only indoor range with in 30 miles of here and something new, we were required to qualify before being let loose to shoot on the range. Reasoning we were told was behind it as to the destruction of range equipment that believed...
  3. BigDave

    Private Messages

    I do not know if others are having trouble with accessing personal messages, I have 3 reported message but unable to access them, who ever sent them know that I have not responded because I am unable to read them. If it is important enough contact me through my email dapoling@gmail.com Dave
  4. BigDave

    Suicide at West Coast Armory in Bellevue?

    Oh I love a good fight and I did not have to say a thing :lol:
  5. BigDave

    ArmaLite Demonstration to disprove magazine capacity myth

    ArmaLite made a video which was supervised by Boone County, Ind. Sheriff Ken Campbell in an attempt to disprove the myth that less magazine capacity would make a difference in multiple victims attacks. Take time to view this video but before doing so, keep in mind their rate of fire. Clearly...
  6. BigDave

    Looking for Open Carry Work?

    I know some on here are looking for work, Norpoint Facebook Page has this announcement HELP WANTED: Looking for a MOTIVATED, ENTHUSIASTIC, PERSON to work Full Time at Indoor Gun Range. MUST BE 21 or older, CURRENT CPL REQUIRED, (THOSE WITHOUT ONE NEED NOT APPLY) along with INTERMEDIATE or...
  7. BigDave

    Yakima County Law Enforcement talking with School Adminstrators about Armed Teachers.

    Today law enforcement in Yakima County are talking with School Administrators about having a teacher in school who is trained and carry in school for protection. No new laws need to be enacted just that a teacher needs to be trained in firearms as a law enforcement officer. Finally some...
  8. BigDave

    Happy verterns day

    Often those who do not understand the commitment made by veterans, either they did not serve or do not understanding putting others before themselves with their lives being placed on the line for it. The meek, mild, weak, elderly, healthy, appreciative and those who do not, every man, woman and...
  9. BigDave

    OT: Unmanned Aerial Drones for SPD - Public meeting

    Get the tin hats out, oh my god the sky is falling!!! Were on the verge of total collapse and annihilation. Unmanned hmmm I guess this can be said about an R.C. Car, Boat, Plane, Helicopter though the use of unmanned tends one to think of the drones being used as weapons by the military and...
  10. BigDave

    Pulled over by PCSO.

    Very good analogy though I do enjoy mine just a little bit more.
  11. BigDave

    Fire threat stops target practice, not hunting

    KIMA did a story on LT Murray Wildlife Area and interviewed a member of the Department of Fish and Wildlife but it appears they both cited the law incorrectly. http://www.kimatv.com/home/video/Fire-threat-stops-target-practice-not-hunting-172389911.html I contacted the Director's Office of WDFW...
  12. BigDave

    Terry Stop Questions

    Oh man Oh Man I had to run outside to see if the pigs were flying over! I agree with NavyLCDR take on this and concur with rapgood as well. When it comes to a police officer demanding to see a CPL is at a time place requiring one to have one or when it becomes known to him you are carrying...
  13. BigDave

    Announcement: Champion Arms

  14. BigDave

    Announcement: Champion Arms

    Did someone just fart in church? :eek: secret squirrel stuff going on here?
  15. BigDave

    unicorn - Redondo - this afternoon.

    Did he have a white beard?