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Recent content by Brian D.

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    This is why distance is your friend

    Sergeant Dennis Tueller was the creator of the "21 foot rule". In retrospect some years later he admitted that 7 yards was likely too close, and modified his position. Another police instructor coined the phrase "Tueller was an optimist" and Dennis didn't disagree.
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    Far-right extremists descend on Richmond for gun rights rally on MLK Day as Trump tweets about attacks on the Second Amendment...

    A huge, peaceful turnout today. Attendees even helped clean up the grounds before leaving, according to reports I saw.
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    Winston Salem Fairgrounds firearm policy

    Umbrellas actually made me laugh the hardest.
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    Saugus HS, Santa Clarita shooting

    Did anyone catch the follow up story which reported that the school resource officer was NOT at the school, but had to respond from elsewhere?
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    Can states eliminate the insanity defense, the common law requirement to mens rea? Orin Kerr Volokh Conspiracy

    Specifically, Remus pulled the trigger by the gazebo next to Mirror Lake in Eden Park, where we ran into each other that one time, color of law.
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    Can states eliminate the insanity defense, the common law requirement to mens rea? Orin Kerr Volokh Conspiracy

    Sorry about the sidebar but every time I think about the insanity defense, I think of gangster George Remus using it successfully here in Cincinnati. Gunned down his soon to be ex-wife in broad daylight at a public park. Color of law, without looking it up, do you know where that took place?
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    NC OC experience reports

    Here in Ohio I'd guess no more than 10% of our CC licensees carry regularly.
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    VA merges with ATF?

    That last sentence you bolded reads just like a section of USPS regulations. "..hunting or other lawful purposes." In my opinion nothing but weasel wording, to allow prosecutors to NOT prosecute when a "connected" person is caught. Who the hell hunts at the post office or VA hospital? "Other...
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    VA merges with ATF?

    As we know there are now many more VA (mostly outpatient) facilities than in previous times. Thing is, a fair amount are just one rented floor of a medical arts building, or a single large rented storefront in a strip mall. The VA doesn't own THOSE parking lots, but signage sometimes falsely...
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    California Synagogue shooting

    An account I read yesterday stated that the rabbi had the gun in a cabinet, with a few of the congregants knowing of its location. Supposedly the rabbi himself retrieved it and gave it to the BP agent. I don't know if that was before or after the rabbi was shot in the hand, losing a couple fingers.
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    Federal Court Judge Rules CA’s “High Capacity” Magazine Ban Unconstitutional

    Guessing this heads for the Ninth Circuit Court, where all pro-gun rulings are sent to die?
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    Steak 'n' Shake closed all (?) locations in SW Ohio

    Good morning. I did more reading. Steak 'n' Shake must be doing these closures one region at a time (?) In my first post I also meant to state that I feel bad for the employees, the shutdowns came with very little advanced notice.
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    Steak 'n' Shake closed all (?) locations in SW Ohio

    This may be bigger than just my area, from a couple of stories from other regions I dug up this morning. It would appear--granted, from what seems like tight-lipped corporate spokepersons quoted--that the company no longer wants to run the restaurants themselves, in favor of making them all...
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    Tertiary laws

    Apparently some of the government people whose duties include talking to the media, feel compelled to orate at length regardless of need. Makes it seem (to the dumber among us) like they're DOING something, and they CARE.