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Recent content by Brimstone Baritone

  1. Brimstone Baritone

    Trussville Golden Rule, October 4th

    Trussville Golden Rule, November 1st There will be an open carry dinner at the Golden Rule in Trussville at 6:00pm on Thursday, October 4th. Last time we had about a dozen people show up, so let's see if we can beat it this month. The service is excellent and the food is fantastic. :D Everyone...
  2. Brimstone Baritone

    Supper Meet in Montgomery

    For anyone interested, and sorry for the late notice. I plan to be there. It's not the Peach Park, but I've heard it's good.
  3. Brimstone Baritone

    Davis v. Sails

    I was reading court cases the other night and ran across this one. Here's an excerpt: I wish Alabama had case law this clear on record. If y'all down in Florida had a better worded RKBA in your constitution, or we here in Alabama had this kind of case law, all our OC problems could have been...
  4. Brimstone Baritone

    Short-notice meeting in Tuscaloosa draws over a dozen 2nd ammendment supporters.

    Had a great time with other OCers at the Cracker Barrel in Tuscaloosa today. For some of the people there, it was their first Alabama Open Carry meeting and/or their first ever time OC. Read all about it here: http://alabamaopencarry.com/forum/index.php?topic=1259.0 And see pictures here...
  5. Brimstone Baritone

    OC Grill-out in Birmingham!

    Sorry for the last minute, but if anyone is in the B'ham area 1:PM tomorrow (10/09/10), please stop by Caldwell Park for an OC grill-out. Even if it's just a few of us, it will be awesome. Sorry, again, for the last minute post, but you should have read about it on AlabamaOpenCarry.com :P
  6. Brimstone Baritone

    Friendly invite

    If any of you live close to the line, or are planning to come down this way soon, we have a vibrant OC group that meets regularly in the Huntsville area, and also smaller (but just as friendly) groups in Birmingham, and close to Montgomery. We would love to have Tennessee visitors at any of out...
  7. Brimstone Baritone

    Just an update.

    I have been OC since... July, maybe, and just wanted to update anyone who's interested but hasn't been by AlabamaOpenCarry.com I have OC'd without incident to: The Wal-marts in Leeds, Irondale, Chelsea, and Vestavia The Logans in Irondale, Trussville, and the one on 280 The Jim N' Nicks in...
  8. Brimstone Baritone

    Carry question

    imported post I spent the weekend in your beautiful state (Stayed on Edisto Island to be exact) and hung out a bit in Charleston. As I was on the boat ride to Ft. Sumter, I was thinking. Now that carry in National Parks is legal, would one be allowed to carry openly inside Ft. Sumter, or would...
  9. Brimstone Baritone

    State's Right to Home Rule

    imported post This is not a troll post, merely a talking point that I am interested in pursuing. When do we let our desires as gun owners override the constitutional power of our own state governments? Forgetting for a moment that incorporation would give the basis for lawsuits that might...
  10. Brimstone Baritone

    The upside to being 'may' issue.

    imported post Hear me out. It has been brought up in other threads that since Alabama is a MAY issue state (the sheriff can exercise discretion even on people who otherwise meet the requirements) instead of SHALL issue (the permit is issued to every applicant who meets the requirements) that...
  11. Brimstone Baritone

    State v. Reid

    imported post From the same court decision that gave us: I give you: Please discuss your views on the above and whether you think this is in defense of or opposition to every-day open carry. I would point out that Reid was at the time a sheriff, and had the power to arrest and imprison...
  12. Brimstone Baritone

    Are you part of the militia?

    imported post What do you think? Let me know if you think I left something out. ETA: :what:Yeah, I totally left out Active Duty. Sorry about that. No offense intended. :(:(
  13. Brimstone Baritone

    Baby steps

    imported post Well, I went to Starbucks today after work but I wasn't carrying (can't because of where I work). I got to say, seeing the guys there hanging out and not being harassed really got my confidence up. When I got home, I changed into some jeans, and dug around till I found a knife I...
  14. Brimstone Baritone

    I don't think that 'or' means what he thinks

    imported post First post! While exchanging emails with the owner of a local range, he replied to a statement I had made about OC by saying that it is illegal in Alabama. When I questioned this, he pointed out to me a passage in the code that says: Section 13A-11-73 License to carry pistol in...