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Recent content by dakatak87

  1. dakatak87

    Driving From WA to MI

    Hey all, I'm moving from Washington to Michigan in a few weeks. I'm looking into how I'll be able to Carry through; Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. Traveling I90 essentially. I am doing my own research but also thought that you fine...
  2. dakatak87

    camping close to Pendleton.

    I will be camping with my family near Pendleton. I OC in my everyday life in WA. I know that in Washington parks and campsites are not prohibited. Two questions; 1) Open carry in a vehicle? loaded? (I will be coming down 82 to 84, not near cities with bans) 2) Open carry in Oregon state...
  3. dakatak87

    ISO firearm safety course for youth.

    Where can I find a firearms safety class for an 8 year old in the Tacoma or surrounding area? I have taught him some safety already and think he could benefit from a real class. Thank You.
  4. dakatak87

    BAN the term "Assault" weapon.

    I have recently become very passionate about the wrong term being used by too many people. It is up to us the people to show what terms are acceptable or not. http://www.merriam-webster.com/help/faq/addword.htm I would like to see a particular word added to or deleted from the dictionary. What...
  5. dakatak87

    OC while traveling across 4 states. WA, OR, ID, UT.

    I am going to be traveling from Washington to Utah for Christmas. I don't yet have a CPL and don't want this to hinder my carry while traveling. I am asking for a quick rundown on the open carry and car carry for Idaho, Utah, and Oregon. Thanks for your responses I will be on I82 to I84 in...
  6. dakatak87

    New carrier! disscusion about vehicle carry...

    I am a recent open carrier and have spent many hours over the last few weeks researching and understanding the law. Which brings me to the subject that to have a loaded hand gun in your vehicle you must have a CCP. (RCW 9.41.050) Although to open carry loaded requires no permit. Why do we...