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Recent content by Dianosis

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    Tentative Plans For The 2nd Statewide Meetup 10/1

    When: October 1st 2011 Where: Pratville, Al Location: Fish Company Restaurant inside Bass Pro Shop Time: 1:00pm Description from an ALOC member of the meeting room: They have the most gorgeous meeting room you have EVER seen in your life! One end is completely glass, and the main wall has a...
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    Tuscaloosa Chapter Of ALOC Featured As Top Story On WVUA Channel 7

    7-19-11 WUVA 6:00pm Top Story features Tuscaloosa (Region 2) chapter of ALOC: http://www.wvua7.com/content/tuesday-600-0 The Chief provides improper info on -52 to the reporter but our members did a great job!
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    The Current State of ALOC & My Role In It

    www.alabamaopencarry.com Post edited - Out of date
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    ALOC Forum Update

    Alabama Open Carry, Alabama's largest supporter of OC and 2nd Amendment rights has recently made some new and exciting changes. We have upgraded our forum with a better more robust set of features and a great new look. Some of our new features: In addition to our popular Shoutbox, a new...
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    Judiciary Committee Email List & Template Email For HB582

    Here is a list of every email I could find for the Judiciary Committee members both House & Senate. Also a copy of the email I sent. Feel free to use it as a template or change it to suite your needs: To: benbrooksiii@aol.com; camjulward@aol.com; lindacoleman60@bellsouth.net...
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    Alabama Open Carry Get "No Gun" Polices Reversed!

    Southwest Georgia Oil Company (Inland) Changes "No Gun" Policies On Feb. 20th, 2011, Alabama Open Carry member Scott Jessip (Fedfirefighter) informed ALOC of a new policy in place at a local Inland gas station. The new policy prevented a legally armed citizen from lawfully carrying their...
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    CBS News 42 - Alabama open carry rallies in Magic City

    CBS 42 has posted their coverage of our Statewide meetup on Saturday. Here is the link: http://www.cbs42.com/content/localnews/story/2nd-Amendment-Supporters-Rally-in-Magic-City/ZZbkB9o4Ekm-r_h3h-heEQ.cspx
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    Alabama OC Featured On WTVY News

    Story & Video here: http://www.wtvy.com/home/headlines/Alabama_Gun_Rights_108266154.html
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    Alabama Open Carry To be Featured On The Danny Lee Show

    Alabama Open Carry To be Featured On The Danny Lee Show On Thursday Oct. 7th, Tony Shiflett our Director of Media Relations, will be a guest on the Danny Lee Show which airs on News Talk 1400 WFPA. Tony will be discussing and answering questions on all things Open Carry in Alabama. The show...
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    Current OC Meetings In Alabama

    Currently there are weekly open carry meetings in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery. There are bi-weekly meetings in Enterprise/Dothan area. In addition, there are Statewide meet-ups, and special oc events. All of these can be found here: http://alabamaopencarry.com/forum/index.php?board=9.0
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    First Day Of The Dothan Gun Show...AWESOME!

    In a word today was "Awesome" I definitely see why eye95 was a teacher! He stepped up is game today and was educating EVERYONE! Men, old women, kids, deputy Sheriffs, it didn't matter! Seriously, he did an awesome job today and I was glad to have him there. Thanks again man. Fedfirefighter...
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    Photos From The Prattville Meetup Are Online!

    imported post Photos from the Prattville meetup are online! http://www.alabamaopencarry.com/index-3.html
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    Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's FAQ Page Is Misleading

    imported post Taken from their FAQ page here http://www.tcsoal.org/faq.php : May I carry my pistol on my person in open view of the public providing I have obtained a Tuscaloosa County license? ANSWER: No. The license only allows you to carry the pistol concealed. Gives the impression...
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    Alabama Open Carry Petition Online!!!

    Sign Our Petiton! URL: http://www.petitiononline.com/aoc/petition.html UPDATE!!! 6-29-10 !!! Our Petition has been moved to a new host !!! http://www.petitiononline.com/aoc/petition.html Please do NOT resign if you already signed the old one. We will print out the signatures on the...
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    Petition Planning - Lets Draw It Up & Finalize It Here

    imported post Lets brainstorm and get everything we want into a professional petition so we can get it posted and get people signing it! I'll start it off with a basic template here: http://www.alabamaopencarry.com/forum/index.php?topic=139.0