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Recent content by EricDailey X-NRA

  1. EricDailey X-NRA

    It's Time Now...

    "Constitutional Carry" isn't just a slogan. It is the right to carry a firearm without a license or permit." http://www.examiner.com/la-in-los-angeles/why-second-amendment-advocates-should-reject-licenses-and-permits-to-carry?fb_comment=35092791
  2. EricDailey X-NRA


    Private Property owners of businesses who do not post signs that armed customers are welcome or that they respect the RKBA may be getting a free ride on all the folks that deter crimes by being armed. We know crime in NC is down, we know there are more armed citizens. Maybe folks with guns are...
  3. EricDailey X-NRA

    No first amendment right on ocdo/ no forum rules as posted

    > > > Locked out North Carolina thread: "westboro baptist church in clayton saturday 6/25 to protest funeral" Monday June 27, 8:48 AM from: Schlitz Join Date: December 2009 Location: Florida Posts: 280... "EricDailey X-NRA = 0 cool points" "EricDailey X-NRA, way to be "that guy."...
  4. EricDailey X-NRA


    I have made an order to Amazon com using the link in John / Administrator's signature.
  5. EricDailey X-NRA

    GRNC..." OC is GATTOP...This law eliminates the open carry option..."

    "Going Armed To The Terror Of The People; By common law in North Carolina, it is unlawful for a person to arm himself/herself with any unusual and dangerous weapon, for the purpose of terrifying others, and go about on public highways in a m...anner to cause terror to others. The N.C. Supreme...
  6. EricDailey X-NRA

    No Fix for OC Ban

    This, 14-269.3 is the ban on OC in joints that serve booze. http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/enactedlegislation/statutes/html/bysection/chapter_14/gs_14-269.3.html SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THAT THIS WILL BE FIXED IN THE PROPOSED LAWS.
  7. EricDailey X-NRA

    Larry Pratt, GOA will be on the Stan Solomon show tonight at 7:30 eastern

    FYI I got this link from my FB Wall. I have GOA in my Like group list. The Talk to Solomon Show Live web cast on The Creative People's Network http://www.cpnlive.com/livestream Larry Pratt Executive Director, GOA info blurb http://gunowners.org/larry-pratt.htm
  8. EricDailey X-NRA

    No Firearms At This Event, OC or CC

    Raleigh NC Downtown Old Capitol Square Memorial Day Ceremony Wreath Laying at Veteran's Memorial Monday May 30th, 2011 10 am - 1 pm The Tar Heel Detachment of the Marine Corps League http://www.godowntownraleigh.com/event/wreath-laying-at-veterans-memorial1
  9. EricDailey X-NRA

    Door Sign: Firearms Welcome Here

    Has anyone seen a standard door sign for North Carolina businesses to post that welcomes patrons who carry? Do any of the 2A organizations publish something we can pass around?
  10. EricDailey X-NRA

    Questions to an Officer at a Police Road Block

    I want to share this. Please Comment. A few months ago I drove up on a license check, Cary PD road block in a Cary, NC neighborhood. It was morning and I think they were training some rookies. I stopped for the Officer, my doors were locked and driver window down a few inches, hands on the...
  11. EricDailey X-NRA

    OC in places serving alcohal

    What is the NC law that restricts OC in places that serve alcohol? I can't find it.
  12. EricDailey X-NRA

    Gun Control Act of 1968

    Here is some useful information. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_Control_Act_of_1968
  13. EricDailey X-NRA

    "an innocent victim"

    This is an ugly story and I suspect some worse details have been omitted by the reporting. Teen arrested in killing of Charlotte executive http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2011/04/25/2248150/arrest-made-in-south-charlotte.html