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Recent content by Felid`Maximus

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    Washoe County Commisison Hearing tomorrow regarding Tannerite etc.

    The Washoe County Comission is looking to ban exploding targets. Please tell them to oppose the ban Exploding targets are binary explosives that have to be mixed from two separate components. They are only legal to mix at the range because it is illegal to transport them mixed. They require...
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    Reno, NV CCW Course on Friday 8/8

    I held a class on this day.
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    Tuesday NV CCW Renewal Course

    I'm doing a CCW renewal course on Tuesday, August 19.
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    Washoe County Candidate Information

    It is kind of last minute, so I apologize, but I have been gathering some notes on candidates to educate myself on who to vote for.... And I figured others might benefit from my notes, so I am posting them here: http://washoeweapons.org/vote2014.htm It is a little rough right now but I'll try...
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    Reno CCW Courses - $55

    Reno NV & UT CCW Courses For those in Reno, I offer the NV and UT CCW classes. My website is here: www.0defeat.com If this type of ad is not allowed here please correct me!
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    Whitehouse.gov petition to rescind executive order that restricts reimportation.

    Just sharing this link to a petition on whitehouse.gov to retract the executive order recently created by the president to prevent re-importation of US military weapons: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/retract-executive-order-against-re-importation-us-military-firearms/Gw1Pc64d
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    RENO - Free CCW class this Friday 8/15 @ 9:00 AM (2 slots)

    RENO - Free CCW class this Friday 8/16 @ 9:00 AM (FULL-NO LONGER AVAILABLE)) Friday at 9:00 AM, I am hosting a free 8 hour CCW course in my house in Cold Springs. I had three signed up, but two can't make it. If anyone wants to attend this course, let me know.
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    OC'ing near Denver, how do you know when you've entered Denver?

    In a few months I might make a trip to Colorado, and I think I'd be mainly outside of Denver but in the neighboring municipalities, like Golden and Lakewood. Sadly, Colorado does not recognize my Nevada permit. Nor does my Utah permit work because I am not a resident of Utah. So while in...
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    Uncased Long Guns in Vehicles.

    I was discussing the law with an NRA certified shotgun instructor, and he said that long guns have to be locked and encased in a vehicle in California. My understanding is, that in a vehicle in California, short of some local ordinance or passing through a state park, a long gun only needs to...
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    2013 NV legislative Session

    I am assembling information about bills in the Nevada 2013 Legislative Session. Here is a table I am trying to keep up to date, describing the effects of these bills and their progress: http://armsinfo.com/nevada/bills2013.htm Remember to contact your assemblymen and senators, and also leave...
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    Loaded Open Carry in Unincorporated Areas, Dirt Road

    So, where I live, in Nevada, I have discovered that if I follow a short short dirt path up a hill right into unincorporated Sierra County, California, it would be a shorter trip than the nearest trip to a place within NV where I could shoot. In Sierra County California, their local ordinance...
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    Citation Needed: Carry in hotel rooms / Temporary Residences

    It has long been discussed that inside of one's hotel room or campsite one can have their firearm loaded, (and concealed too?,) but I was wondering if someone could point me to the law or case law that establishes this as legal. I did some searching, but couldn't seem to find it, and I figure...
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    Kel-Tec Sub 2000 made CA legal w/ Solar Tactical grip?

    Since carrying/transporting a rifle is a pain, and handgun carry will be much tougher come January, I was thinking a folding rifle like the Sub-2000 would be nice for visits to CA. It could easily fit in bags when folded. Some suggest that a Sub-2000 would be legal in California if you added...
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    AB 809 effect on out of state visitors?

    Question: AB 809 effect on out of state visitors? Under current CA law, one can bring in an unregistered handgun if they are visiting. Unfortunately, unless if AB809 is vetoed, AB 809 will expand the registration scheme. I know it adds the registration of long guns. But it doesn't require that...
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    Saw a fellow OC'er tonight.

    Just wondering if it was someone on here... I saw a guy in an orange shirt carrying a tiny pistol in Winco Foods at about 10:20 PM.