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Recent content by Felix

  1. Felix

    CCing is Nasty

    North American Arms makes a .22 Short Mini-Revolver. Five shots, length 3.6", height 2.3", width 0.8", 4 oz. Wouldn't be easy but I suppose it's possible. :eek:
  2. Felix

    American riddle: more guns, less violence?

    I just finished reading the latest VCDL update which included a Bloomberg BusinessWeek article "Gun Control: A Movement Without Followers" opinion piece by Paul Barrett. Unfortunately, there was no PVC commentary attached...just a cut ’n paste of the article. Note: The link in the VCDL e-mail...
  3. Felix

    Tyson's Corner Macy's blocks OCDO on their free Wi-Fi portal

    Was at Tyson's I & II with my spouse today and while she made the rounds at Macy's, I sat down in the shoe area to read the Washington Post on my iPad (using their free Wi-Fi service). But when I tried to access OCDO, the alert below popped up. A bit surprising since I routinely OC in the mall...