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Recent content by gprod55

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    Why I Carry A Gun

    It was my duty as well as my honor to serve our christian God, my family and my country in that order.
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    Why I Carry A Gun

    Thank you for the blessings as God has blessed me with mostly health (getting older has its medical problems) and the love of my family. My better half and I have been married 46 years. I thank God for allowing me to be a part of her life as she has been in mine.
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    OCing an empty holster, good or bad idea?

    A better idea would be to put a copy of the declaration of independence in an empty holster.
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    Why I Carry A Gun

    Why I Carry A Gun Not to kill People, but to keep from being killed. Not to scare people, but because this can be a scary place. Not because I'm paranoid, but because there are real threats in the world. Not because I'm evil, but because I have lived long enough to have seen the evil in the...
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    What States heve reciprical agreemants for open and or concealed carry? Where might I find a recent listing of such?
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    Just a reminder that this Thursday April 11th from 10 AM till whenever will be the 2nd Ammendment day. The State Capital fourth floor will have a weapons display with speakers begining at 12. Come see what Oklahomans build in state. Oh and you can't open or conceal carry into the capital...
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    Liability in gun free zones

    Question? What is the responsibility of places that claim to be gun free zones? When something occurs as did in Colorado can the families sue the proprietors of places that claim to be gun free zones for not protecting them? If we can make them responsible for our safety and something like...
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    Hb 1439

    HB 1439 goes into effect today as signed by Gov Mary Fallin. It would have possibly changed the verdict of Ersland who was convicted earlier this year for shooting a robber in his pharmacy.
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    A lot of our State Elected Officials, Law Enforcement, and others are concerned about training of the open carry public. They are concerned about the age of the carrier. Back in the early 60's and before, guns were allowed in the high schools as part of the ROTC and like programs through out...
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    OC Oklahoma

    Are we dead for the year or is there a glimmer of hope for a chance to open carry this year? I know we can open carry on our own property and in our own homes or businesses. But what about hunting? Can we openly carry a handgun or does it have to be concealed? If it has to be concealed then...
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    House and Senate Bills Handguns

    I found 35 House and Senate Bills concerning handguns. Some are for concealed carry and or armed guards so I'll only list the ones pertaining to open carry. I haven't researched them any further then the bill and its title. They will be presented to the house and senate on February 7, 2011...
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    Mary Fallin Open Carry Advocate

    Upon researching Mary Fallins home page, under the second ammendment, it states that she will sign the open carry law when presented to her if elected to the Governers office. Upon researching Jeri Askins I was unable to locate anything on the open carry laws. Oklahomans the choice is yours...
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    Pharmacist kills Robber

    Tonights Channel 5 News here in OKC. Antwun Parkers mother made a statement that her son was a hero when he was killed trying to rob a pharmacy. He was shot by Pharmacist Jerome Ersland when he and and a friend tried to rob the pharmacy at gunpoint. Ersland drew his own gun and shot Parker in...
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    2010 Open Carry "DEAD"

    imported post Ok Oklahoma. Open carry is dead for this year as our electorate has failed to overide Gov. Henry. He cannot be re-elected as he has served 2 terms. When the vote comes around in November take a long look at those who are going to represent us in this state. Don't be afraid to...
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    Knives to a gunfight

    imported post 3 percs thought they could get away with a home invasion by using knives. One was shot in the arm and all 3 ran away. 2 have given themselves up and the law is looking for the third person involved. Fortunately Oklahoma has the Make My Day Law. You don't need a license to shoot an...