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Recent content by gutshot II

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    GoFundMe page for the hero of the Greenwood Mall

    Donate or don't donate. Give a little, give a lot or give nothing. It's up to you. Did you read what was on the solicitation? He just killed another human being. That does not happen without baggage. Remember what happened to George Zimmerman? Where is Eli employed? What does his employer think...
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    GoFundMe page for the hero of the Greenwood Mall

    Jim Lucas has started a "gofundme" account for Eli Dicken to show support and to cover whatever expenses he is facing from his heroic acts at Greenwood Mall. You can see the page here: https://gofund.me/9bc74afe
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    Race–gender bias in white Americans’ preferences for gun availability

    The situation that you describe was also true for Ky. but that was 20 years ago. It may be possible to run across an isolated incident in an isolated place that resembles what you describe. I see black people OC all the time, here in Ky.. Some blacks that I have talked to express some hesitation...
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    Louisville's Willow Park Doesn't Like Guns

    Willow Park is a tiny Louisville Metro Park at the intersection of Willow Ave. and Cherokee Rd. and near the westernmost entrance to Cherokee Park. Each Sunday during the Summer, the Cherokee Triangle Association offers free concerts from the gazebo in the park. from 7pm to 9pm. This concert is...
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    No Guns Allowed in Lyndon, Ky. Parks

    Recently, a KC3 member sent in a picture of a sign he saw in Robinson Park in Lyndon, Ky. You can see that picture here(see Rule #2): https://www.dropbox.com/s/14d0akwpa50vqgj/Lyndon Park.jpg?dl=0 KC3 board members contacted City of Lyndon Mayor Brent Hagan and the signs were quickly changed...
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    Robert Crimo, poster boi for Red Flag Laws ineffectiveness!

    All very, very true, WW. He also passed their stupid background check that we have been telling them was crap for years. Nothing written on paper or printed on a sign will stop a criminal from committing crimes. Criminals don't obey laws. When will they understand that? The only thing that...
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    Can they do this legally? Ashland Concert at Riverfront Park Prohibiting Firearms

    I haven't posted here in some time, but the atmosphere has cleared somewhat and this venue may become a pleasant and useful resource once again, in time. Since this post is about Ky. I thought this might be a good time to jump in. KRS 237.110 (17): (17) The owner, business or commercial lessee...
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    More offense

    I truly appreciate your fair and reasoned criticism of our shortcomings. We are aware of these things and we have no interest in recruiting members that don't want to do anything. We are not a do all, be all gun rights organization. We have specific goals. People like Ghost1958 don't like it...
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    What good are constitutional rights if they are violated when Americans get sick?

    These decrees — issued by those who have no legal authority to issue them, enforced by cops who hate what they are being made to do, destructive of the freedoms that our forbearers shed oceans of blood to preserve and crushing economic prosperity by violating the laws of supply and demand —...
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    More offense

    Who is "we" and are you speaking for both of you? KC3 will continue to speak as we feel best for our membership and all other Ky. gun owners.
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    More offense

    Copy and paste to your heart's content. Isn't this the same thing YOU do? Don't we all pursue our own goals? Why would we not pursue OUR OWN goals? What goals do you expect us to pursue, your goals? We will continue to pursue the goals selected by the board. Thank you for playing.
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    More offense

    WE see little reason to constantly update OUR website nor do I see much reason for US to explain why WE do anything. The important people, ie our members, keep up with our Facebook page. When the legislative session is finished, we may update the webpage as WE feel appropriate. I am sure that...
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    More offense

    This particular poster never offers any documentation or proof of anything that he posts. We are supposed to accept anything he says as gospel. His revisionist history is never challenged. No other member of this forum would even attempt that, much less get by with it time after time. My...
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    More offense

    Do you not understand that there are people in this world that oppose open carry? Have you not read many posts here on OCDO by some of those people. Do you not realize that most CC instructors have a vested interest in opposing OC? Name one organization that could keep those people out and...