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Recent content by HP995

  1. HP995

    el paso shooting (talking about facebook/media coverage)

    Watching Trump: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/watch-live-trump-addresses-the-nation-after-pair-of-mass-shootings Rough approx quotes real-time: "Crime against all of humanity" "condemn racism bigotry white suprem." "investigate and disrupt hate crimes" "Internet has provided a...
  2. HP995


    Thin skin? Some people can't handle any disagreement or even detailed discussion. (On the other extreme, some crave argument and fireworks.) Discussion requires some give and take. Takes all kinds. So does life. S9, hope you stick around. Hope everyone else does too. I appreciate everyone here...
  3. HP995

    NRA-ILA: The more things change...

    Corrupt? Little old me? 😲
  4. HP995

    Call for Federal Law to back Constitutional Law

    (y) There ottabe a law ... but we already have one, since 1791. Unfortunately many states and feds have been in open rebellion against it. Have to be mighty careful about trying to solve guv lawlessness by composing more law. They're pretty good at their game. (n)(n)(n) Permits? Papers...
  5. HP995

    NRA-ILA: The more things change...

  6. HP995

    Made in the good old USA!

    Lovin' me some tariffs. (y) (Economy, industry, military, our rights and freedoms - all connected.) 🇺🇸 https://www.marketwatch.com/story/us-tariff-deadline-looms-for-chinese-goods-but-hike-wont-take-effect-for-weeks-2019-05-09
  7. HP995

    Navy Command master chief canned for politics or ... ?

    Really liked those personal experiences! ⚓ However, whether people love CMCs as passionately as OC does or hate them, or whether this dude should be pitied or praised is a different matter than what caused the ruckus in the first place. That he was already eligible to retire and chose to retire...
  8. HP995

    Are school shootings down since Columbine?

    Yes, yes indeed, again, the sum of all human experience and topics of inquiry, the answer to all questions, the explanation to every situation, a truth for all times and seasons, the rest of every story, and the post for each and every single cotton-pickin' thread: implode/explode
  9. HP995

    Powerful Ministry

    Bad for business?
  10. HP995

    Powerful Ministry

  11. HP995

    Are school shootings down since Columbine?

  12. HP995

    Navy Command master chief canned for politics or ... ?

    Thanks for that perspective Solus. Still makes no sense to me - I think someone pretended to be offended, so the real reason is what puzzles me. CNN's Corp runs HBO and WB? They have no real morals, TV shows and movies have offended me many times. In context this was just a humorous remark...