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Recent content by jsanchez

  1. jsanchez

    Cross draw vests?

    So are cross draw vests for open carry a no go? http://www.lapolicegear.com/tactical-cross-draw-vest.html?Color%20&%20Size=OD%20Green-XL/XXL&gclid=CPWcmOGUysgCFROTfgodKp4EGA
  2. jsanchez

    WA resident w/ oregon cpl going to Bend Or. city parks......

    hi, I live in WA and have a cpl in WA and OR. I'm visiting OR. for the first time next weekend, Bend Or and I would like to go bicycle riding on the trails next to the river that runs through Bend,and the trail goes through city parks, and I see they have a band in parks, so whats up with that...
  3. jsanchez

    State Emisson Stations

    I took my first vehicle to the emission station by my house. Sean helped me, had me get out of the vehicle and sit in the chair, like everyone else. He saw my open carry chest pack and asked me questions about it and open carry law in cars. Came back 20 minutes later, got manager Eric this...
  4. jsanchez

    Seafood fest in ballard......

    Does anybody know if guns r allowed at seafood fest in Ballard this weekend.
  5. jsanchez

    Saw this article and thought of you.....

  6. jsanchez

    Open carrier robbed of his gun.

    Read this...... http://www.kptv.com/story/26729956/man-openly-carrying-new-gun-in-gresham-robbed-by-armed-man
  7. jsanchez

    does huskey stadium use metal detectors...

    A friend asked me if Husky Stadium uses metal detectors for the football games. He is planning on conceal carrying there. Does anyone here been to the football game at the Husky Stadium in the last year and know if they use metal detectors?
  8. jsanchez

    Seattle police picnic

    East Precinct is holding their picnic this Saturday from 1pm to 4pm at Cal Anderson Park, If anyone wants to go with me.
  9. jsanchez

    This open carrier for officer down true facts....

    One of the arguments on the background check commercials is that it will make our officers safer, maybe. But what does our past tell us, http://www.odmp.org/search/browse?state=WA In the last 10 years there has been 10 officers killed, 5 in one year, and there were a couple of back to back...
  10. jsanchez

    North precinct Seattle police picnic

    The north precinct is holding there picnic this coming Sunday august 24th from 1pm to 4pm. These are the officers that said if you open carry in their precinct you will be taken down at gun point, per Lt. Henagan. Here is the website of were it will be at, in the south parking lot...
  11. jsanchez

    stopped in Bellevue I looked sad

    was eating a hamburger at Burger King sitting out in the front yard buy my motorcycle when all of the sudden every cop in Bellevue shows up you know they're here to see you when they have that quizzical look ontheir face only one person called the thought I looked sad they thought I was going...
  12. jsanchez

    "Excuse me sir, why are you carrying a gun?"

    So I took my nephew's to Best Buy today to look at the new games for their Xbox One. I'm standing there watching them playing some game, I think it was Titanfall or something like that. There were a few other kids and parents around watching. All of a sudden this lady appears, she looks like...
  13. jsanchez

    Is it legal for me to put my open carry ......

    My local community center has a pool and weight room. I go in there all the time open carrying. Is it legal for me to, in the locker room, to put my gun which is in a paddle holster, take it off my hip in its holster, put it in my gym bag, take the magazine out, I don't carry it chambered, go...
  14. jsanchez

    Self defense shooter goes free, another criminal rightfully shot.

    I know there was a thread earlier on this, couldn't find it, here's the latest. http://www.columbian.com/news/2014/mar/12/charges-dropped-against-homeowner-who-killed-teen/
  15. jsanchez

    Real Sports with Byant Gumbel, kids and guns....

    I was watching boxing on HBO and Real Sports came on with this story about kids and guns. If you have HBO, I think it would be worth your 15 minutes to see the story, and tell me what you think of it. Its shows some very interesting things about new anti gun tactics...