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Recent content by JTHunter2

  1. JTHunter2

    Condolences to Colorado

    For what?? :unsure:
  2. JTHunter2

    Barrett Reloaded? A New Third Circuit Decision Could Prove The Perfect Base For A Second Amendment Blowout

    Unfortunately, there are far too many that are not in custody that STILL shouldn't have access to firearms. Same for many with mental problems.
  3. JTHunter2

    Bump Stocks are not Machine Guns. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

    CoL - this is from the 6th but wasn't there another opinion from, IIRC, the 9th, that upheld the ban? Wouldn't that be likely to set up a review by the SC because of the directly opposed rulings?
  4. JTHunter2

    Last Rites

    One fraud perpetrated on another fraud. :ROFLMAO:
  5. JTHunter2

    A LONG time coming - - -

    After 40 years feeding at the public trough and 36 years as Speaker of the House, Mike Madigan has resigned !! As he is also under federal investigation so the question is whether or not he goes to trial. As he is in his late 70s (about the same age as Biden), that is debatable. Madigan has...
  6. JTHunter2

    Where is everybody??

    And the same to you. While I understand the reluctance of OC for many, due in no small measure to the numerous "Karens" out there that could cause all kinds of grief. It also has the ability/disability to both dissuade some perps while possibly encouraging others, making the OCer a target. But...
  7. JTHunter2

    Where is everybody??

    Do any of you have a reason that the activity level here has been so low of late? Is it because Biden is president (for now) and the outlook for our Second Amendment rights doesn't look particularly good?
  8. JTHunter2

    Gun Restrictions as Analogy for Justifying Speech Restrictions. E. Volokh

    A nice quote Logan but the problem still boils down one simple fact - the "authorities" are failing to do their "sworn to" jobs. It doesn't matter if it is the LEOs declining/failing to investigate or the city/county prosecutor declining/failing to prosecute as either situation leaves you (or...
  9. JTHunter2

    Stand Your Ground (35 States) vs. Duty to Retreat (15 States). Ohio flips. E. Volokh at The Volokh Conspiracy

    Sorry to hear about those shenanigans. Good luck in getting that passed.
  10. JTHunter2

    6 First Gun Control Measures To Expect From A Biden Administration

    The article actually sounds like a "horror story" for every gun owner in the country. They might even be trying to spread "F.U.D." on the rest of us.
  11. JTHunter2

    Update on St. Louis couple

    From various news reports last night, the lawyers have petitioned the judge in the wife's case (a different judge than her husband's) to disqualify Gardiner and her office as well.
  12. JTHunter2

    Biden investigation expands

    They are getting to be very similar to the Stazi (sp??) in East Germany where they spied on EVERYBODY. They even brain-washed the kids to turn on their parents and rat them out. We are headed for a "police totalitarian state" with "democrat elitists" becoming (essentially) like the old Soviet...
  13. JTHunter2

    Update on St. Louis couple

    UPDATE: St. Louis prosecutor, Kim Gardiner, remove by Judge Thomas Clark for alleged "misconduct". He said: "her emailed solicitations for campaign contributions demonstrated she and her office have a personal interest in the case and jeopardized Mark McCloskeys’ right to a fair trial."...
  14. JTHunter2

    Biden investigation expands

    In addition to the investigation into Hunter Biden's financial dealings, they are now investigating Joe's younger brother, James. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/joe-bidens-brother-james-federal-probe