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Recent content by JTHunter2

  1. JTHunter2

    someone, somewhere finally pulled their heads out!

    It's all about the "indoctrination". Teach them to be "sheep" early enough and they won't complain about getting "fleeced". :devilish:
  2. JTHunter2

    Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler Co-sponsors Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2019, S. 69

    The "feral" government has usurped numerous powers they were never granted by the Constitution.
  3. JTHunter2

    FL RSO threatens to shoot a student leaving campus for dental appt

    What is it about Florida that makes people act like this? Is it all that rain and humidity??
  4. JTHunter2

    RING doorbell in the news ~ again, er still!

    Not only "willingly", there are more than a few who either are or believe they are "morally superior" or "better trained" (use your own descriptive phrase) than the rest of us and that we shouldn't have guns. Period.
  5. JTHunter2

    "Civil War"?

    According to Snopes (yeah, right), this was part of a speech given by somebody else. Even if true, it is still an interesting article. Dr. Jack Devere Minzey, born 6 October 1928, died 8 April 2018, was the Department Head of Education at Eastern Michigan University as well as a prolific...
  6. JTHunter2

    RING doorbell in the news ~ again, er still!

    This isn't limited to Ring products, or Alexa, or Siri. They can all be used to snoop on you. There was a news story last November or December about how someone had hacked into one of these devices (might have been a baby monitor) and was telling a 5 y.o. girl that he was Santa and that she...
  7. JTHunter2

    interesting msnbc poll on "gun carry in public"

    Because of the ad block I use, they wouldn't let me in. Oh well. They wouldn't have like my vote any way. :devilish:
  8. JTHunter2

    Uh oh.....

    Considering the other "shenanigans" Northam and the General Assembly have been up to, does this really surprise you?
  9. JTHunter2

    Asymmetrical Forever War is over when one side loses the will to fight.

    If you are using this as a reference to yesterday's drone attack on that Iranian terrorist general, I would much rather see the U.S. do a "rolling thunder" artillery/bombing run on ALL of Iran's major population centers. Chase these malcontents back into their deserts. Put them back in the...
  10. JTHunter2

    A New Paradigm to Beat the Gun-Grabbers. Civis Americanus at American Thinker

    That would depend on the original charges and his conviction. Was he still on probation? What were the restrictions of that probation? We don't have enough information to decide if he would be allowed to own firearms again. Of course, this charge renders that point moot.
  11. JTHunter2

    CCW Permit with a 22 year old felony conviction

    There may a valid reason for keeping the firearm locked away from the residents. They may have dementia so bad that they have to be protected from themselves. Or, they may have medical problems that may make them want to take a "shorter route" to the end. Stuart - is there a reason that you...
  12. JTHunter2

    Who/Where is "This Guy Knows His Stuff, Open Carry Search Under Duress video?"

    The same can be said for "Gun Rights Media" (http://www.gunrightsmedia.com/). The actual forums at Icarry.org are gone. They had lain dormant for over a year and I fiinally removed it from my bookmarks almost a year ago. I just found tonight that the forums I used to post in are gone. They...
  13. JTHunter2

    A New Paradigm to Beat the Gun-Grabbers. Civis Americanus at American Thinker

    There was another story on this shooting where they raided either a gun store or a pawn shop about 40 miles south of the shooting site. The owner had several AR-style weapons and several hundred rounds of HP ammo (banned in NJ ?) AND apparently was a CONVICTED FELON.
  14. JTHunter2

    Oh Well! Too Late for advice now,,, My B-day toast...

    If your physical and mental health are good, I agree. If you are at the point where you can't walk a block without your back screaming at you, is it worth it?
  15. JTHunter2

    Ah, bloomie articulated his presidential gun control agenda

    It can be said that Bloomie is a man with a lot of money but no "cents". He is a "prime" example of an elitist that is so out of touch with reality that he doesn't realize the percentage of our income that has to go for basic necessities...