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Recent content by KBCraig

  1. KBCraig

    Nicholasville Preemption Violations

    “It might be contrary to law, but it is not a crime sir.” LOL
  2. KBCraig

    An Alternative to Youtube Censorship

    "imeo" sounds like someone typed Vimeo incorrectly in the article, and going there will take you to a squatter site. Scammers buy up domain names that are common mis-spellings of popular sites, and use them for advertising and/or spreading viruses.
  3. KBCraig

    Gem City’s Oregon district shooting.

    52 holes could come from the "at least" 24 shots, since multiple wounds per shot aren't unusual on the arms and hands. It would be helpful to know if those wounds were caused by pistol, rifle, or shotgun, or what combination. The CNN report didn't say. The ethanol isn't a surprise, since...
  4. KBCraig

    Amicus curiae brief from Dems

    It should really be called an inimicus curiae brief.
  5. KBCraig

    PNW LEs, Portland, mobilizing for rallys..

    A friend of mine, who is most definitely not Proud Boy or Alt-Right or anything like that (but gets accused of it just because of his hairstyle), was there. He was surprised that the PPD actually kept Antifa from starting trouble. He also said it was pretty amazing watching Antifa screaming...
  6. KBCraig

    It's Benn Awhile...

    We're mostly at that point already. Once the premier gun rights community on the internet, OCDO is now reduced to a few angry people talking past one another.
  7. KBCraig

    Red Flags and White Supremacists. American Thinker .com

    I didn't mention MH professionals at all. If the shoe doesn't fit, don't shove it in your mouth, princess. Just saying... don't read what wasn't written.
  8. KBCraig

    OCer stopped at Springfield Walmart with gun, 100 rds of ammo

    It is in some states. Didn't you pay attention in Texas? There, every traffic offense is a Class C misdemeanor or higher.
  9. KBCraig

    Red Flags and White Supremacists. American Thinker .com

    I've noticed that the same people who condemn anyone blaming mass shootings on mental illness, are calling to preemptively disarm anyone who might possibly commit some crime based on mental evaluations.
  10. KBCraig

    OCer stopped at Springfield Walmart with gun, 100 rds of ammo

    No. That's why speeding isn't a capital offense.
  11. KBCraig

    "possession of an unregistered firearm"?

    It's not a Nevada charge. It's a federal charge, and under the NFA making a Molotov cocktail counts as an "unregistered firearm". "Investigators serving a warrant at his home found hand-drawn schematics and component parts of a destructive device, according to the complaint, including flammable...
  12. KBCraig

    Nicholasville Preemption Violations

    "...one of those pockets of America where it looks like education might be against the law!" LOL
  13. KBCraig

    OCer stopped at Springfield Walmart with gun, 100 rds of ammo

    In another forum, I read the relevant MO statutes. The only section that could possibly apply requires mens rea, and the report makes it clear that he had no intention to cause alarm. He caused alarm by being a dumbass, not because he intended to scare people.
  14. KBCraig

    OCer stopped at Springfield Walmart with gun, 100 rds of ammo

    Don't you think there's a slight difference between the two cases? In Springfield, some knucklehead scared some people but harmed no one. Criminal charges are relatively minor. In El Paso, police and the DA are building a major case where 22 people were murdered. Don't you think that the...
  15. KBCraig

    Sununu vetoes last three anti-gun bills

    Gov. Sununu had already vetoed the red flag bill disguised as protecting vulnerable adults from financial abuse. Now he's vetoed the remaining three anti-gun bills (UBC, waiting period, and school zone gun ban). https://www.governor.nh.gov/news-media/press-2019/20190809-vetos.htm