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Recent content by KBCraig

  1. KBCraig

    memorial day 2019

    The thirteenth allows for imprisonment, which is what happened to those who refused to serve. Or in some cases, those who refused to register for conscription.
  2. KBCraig

    memorial day 2019

    Are you saying there's never been conscription in the history of the U.S. military?
  3. KBCraig

    Are school shootings down since Columbine?

    I agree that you're confused, especially if you took my comment to meant that government is the master.
  4. KBCraig

    The GOP Elephant in the room. NRA's legal troubles, support for Trump in 2016 drain finances despite record membership growth. TWT

    I'm not particularly a fan of LTC West, but I salute him for speaking up. https://theoldschoolpatriot.com/statement-regarding-nra/
  5. KBCraig

    Are school shootings down since Columbine?

    If you believe it's up to schools to teach morals, you're part of the problem.
  6. KBCraig

    Upgraded an old laptop with SSD

    Late 2009 iMac here. The original 2TB drive smoked itself while I was ripping all my DVDs to iTunes (I later learned that drive model was notorious for that), so I replaced it with what I could afford at the time: a 320GB HDD from Best Buy. It's still working, and I have an external WD drive for...
  7. KBCraig

    Officer Goines should be charged with murder.

    Texas Penal Code 19.04: Sec. 19.04. MANSLAUGHTER. (a) A person commits an offense if he recklessly causes the death of an individual. (b) An offense under this section is a felony of the second degree The false claims in the application for the search warrant, followed by the dynamic...
  8. KBCraig

    Officer Goines should be charged with murder.

    And the murder of Jose Guerena by Pima County SWAT.
  9. KBCraig

    Thank you John Lott

    Why would a national figure like Dr. Lott, who is in demand, bother coming back to address a forum that has shriveled to about a dozen regulars? And of those dozen or so, about half talk past each other to argue over minutia while listening to no one. I had a wise commander in the Army once...
  10. KBCraig

    Straw Purchases

    Possibly because that term doesn't appear in the law, but is a common phrase referring to someone conducting the transaction when they are not the "actual purchaser"?
  11. KBCraig

    CNN Analyst Suggests Women Can’t Carry Guns Because They Wear Skirts, Dresses

    The sgian-dubh as worn as part of "traditional Scottish dress" isn't concealed. Aside from that, Scotland has gone more full-hoplophobe than England.
  12. KBCraig

    NH allows guns in schools, bill aims to change this

    I oppose any restrictions on gun ownership or possession.
  13. KBCraig

    SCOTUS Cracks Down on Civil Asset Forfeiture

    It mattered to the appellant, whose argument was that a CAF seizure valued many times the maximum possible criminal fine, was excessive. Counsel chose a strategy most likely to win, and did. SCOTUS rules on what is presented.
  14. KBCraig

    Universal background checks now law in Nevada

    This sounds like a real pain for Nevada's gun tourism. https://lasvegassun.com/news/2019/feb/15/universal-gun-background-check-bill-becomes-law-in/
  15. KBCraig

    NH allows guns in schools, bill aims to change this

    As a New Hampshire legislator, I have read the bills. I'll tell you what I didn't find: anything about "commensurate with federal law, within 1,000 feet of those borders." If you doubt it, here's the entire text of HB101: AN ACT relative to regulating possession of firearms in a school...