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I'm a late bloomer, and didn't buy my first handgun until around 2011. A friend took me to the range, and it brought back the enjoyment of shooting. Now I have a plethora of firearms, including a brace of handguns.

I open carry nearly everywhere I go. As a result of wanting to do something where I would not be denied my right to carry, I created my own business and carry at work on a daily basis. The boss never says anything, because I'm the boss!

After getting into handguns, I stumbled across this forum and have been a member since 2011. It's a great place to share experiences and learn about our rights and the laws that tend to infringe them.

Before I became an avid carrier, I'd experienced 2 burglaries and been held up at gunpoint once while doing my former job. Those are experiences I never wish to repeat, and have made changes in life to protect me and my family.

Metal Detecting, Guitar, Creative Writing
Aurora, Colorado
Licensed Private Investigator, Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent, Process Server