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Recent content by nofoa

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    I heard of a gold reporting bill in the works.

    Some may cry "This is a open carry site!" but hear me out. I believe the right to own precious metals leads directly to the ability to own firearms. Protecting our assets are wealth gives us the freedom to choose how we live. I may even point out the historical significance of registering...
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    Looking for gunrange to train

    imported post My friend calls me up this morning asking if i know of any places that will let you draw from concealment and rapid fire groups. He had caught a conversation between two people talking about it. I told him that his best bet was to find a gravel pit, or drive 4 hours into the...
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    Just picked up a Springfield/Stevens M84C-

    imported post I got this rifle today, its missing the magazine. So i have to find that some where but that isn't my real problem. I took the rifle apart to clean it, it hadn't been done in 20 years probably. Well now i can't get the bolt to slide back in. A hooked looking piece of metal is now...
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    WTB AR-15 Stripped Lower

    imported post I got a pretty good haul this year i am most happy about a 8gig ipod my sister had laying around the house. She hadn't intended it as a xmas present i was talking about how much i needed some mobile music. She had gotten the ipod 2 years ago for a xmas present but already had a...
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    First aid for a gun shot wound

    imported post Was trolling youtube for video's and i came across a few first aid videos. Thought i would share. I think first aid is important and i keep a few bandades, advil, and other care items in my BoB. Good video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdG3gtqWuCI&feature=channel
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    The other side of the holster

    imported post I've been reading these boards for about 3-4 months now. I really enjoy the tales of experience good and bad. I have yet to OC, or CC so far. But i wanted to post something about the perspective of sheeple. This was about a month ago i was at the local range up here in Arlington...
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    95lb girl with a .50 Deagle

    imported post Friend sent me this. http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/137280/Skinny_girl_fires_desert_eagle.html
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    Basement firing range?

    imported post I guess this guy just couldn't come up with the 10 dollar range fee. Seattle. http://www.kirotv.com/news/14918369/detail.html