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Recent content by nshaw65

  1. nshaw65

    Second or Backup Gun

    I am curious to see how many of you guys carry a second or backup Gun.
  2. nshaw65

    First Time Open Carry

    I am a new gun owner and live in Bristol, TN. and was on the fence whether to open carry or concealed carry. While waiting on my TN permit to arrive in the mail, I decided to open carry today when I went shopping at Kroger in Bristol, VA. Basically I wanted to see how comfortable I would be and...
  3. nshaw65

    Retention Holster. What level do you guys use?

    I just wondered what level of retention everybody uses.
  4. nshaw65

    Vehicle Carry

    What are the laws pertaining to vehicle carry in TN?
  5. nshaw65

    Virginia Vehicle Carry

    I live in Bristol, TN which we share the same main street as Bristol, VA. I do most of my shopping in Bristol, VA because of the lower retail tax rate. As of Feb.1st, 2016, I will start open carry when I'm in VA. In TN I vehicle carry with a sticky holster between the seat and console which is...
  6. nshaw65

    Retention or no Retention?

    I want to switch from CC to OC. My question is do most of you guys use a retention holster or not. If so, what level of retention do you use?