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Recent content by Radisma

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    Moving on out

    imported post Hey guys and gals! Currently i live in Kentucky and i OC regularly around here. Im 20 years of age and will be 21 july 17. Im going to be moving to Tucson AZ in about 2-3 weeks mayby sooner. And im just curious if OC'ing in AZ (Especially tucson) is ok. I know its a gold state...
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    9mm vs 40 vs 45

    imported post Ok first off i dont want this thread to turn into a "45 is better" or blah blah. We all know that shot placement is what counts more than slug size but anyway on to my question. for about 11 years the only pistol ive ever been shooting was a 9mm. With my 21'st birthday not to...
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    CC and OC question

    imported post first let me start off by saying im 20 years of age. ( will be 21 in july ) ive never been in trouble with the police...ive never even been pulled over. Im a up-standing law abiding citizen basically. I also live in a small kentucky town were we have about 5 police officers on our...
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    Stupid OC question

    imported post Ive seen pictures of people i supose who use these but seeing as how its winter im just curious if a thigh holster would be considered OC. No clothing would be covering the firearm so i dont see a problem other than it looknig a bit different so possibly being looked at...
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    Something i dont understand

    imported post Here is something i dont understand. First off im a big 2nd Amend advocate and im 20 years of age and will be 21 in july....and honestly the ONLY reason i have never open carried is ive read up on different laws for Kentucky and it was my understanding you had to be 21 to get a...