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Recent content by robdoar

  1. robdoar

    BCA has not updated their web site

    Not at all accurate. MN does not have a set shooting qualification, and there is nothing in the law that specifically allows for NRA courses. The Sheriff can of course accept any training he wishes, but I haven't met one yet that will take anything but a MNBCA certified course, and that's...
  2. robdoar

    BCA has not updated their web site

    It's Out Gained 8, lost 4 (that we technically, shouldn't have had)
  3. robdoar

    How are peoples experiences with Hennipen County?

    Congrats anyway!
  4. robdoar

    Open Carry Breakfast October 29th

    The usual place... Gopher Bar 241 7th Street East Saint Paul, MN 55101-2346 Starts at 8AM, $10, all the bacon you can handle.
  5. robdoar

    Coming to MN for a week

    And let the next active shooter know that there's fish in a barrel there. But mass shootings don't happen in malls or gun free zones thought... right?
  6. robdoar

    OC Crime Prevention from PAFOA

  7. robdoar

    How NOT to win hearts and minds open carrying...

    http://www.youtube.com/embed/UqpjWnQjC5s When you raise your voice, no-one wins.
  8. robdoar

    Joel Rosenberg's guns on sale.

    The late Joel Rosenberg's gun collection has gone on auction. (well not ALL of them... Felicia and the kids still have sufficient defense) http://carryforum.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=66 All funds are going to support Felicia and the kids.
  9. robdoar

    Joel Rosenberg has passed away.

  10. robdoar

    Open Carry Breakfast

    Open Carry Breakfast at the Gopher Bar in St. Paul, MN this saturday. All you can eat, $10. 9:00am