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Recent content by ron73440

  1. ron73440

    NC OC experience reports

    I went to Raleigh a early in May, my son works in a restaurant down there. They sell beer, but living in VA, I forgot about the prohibition on OC'ing into a place that serves alcohol. Is that still a thing? No one said anything, so no harm no foul, I guess. Also went to H-Mart and had no...
  2. ron73440

    NoVA (Northern Virginia) - OC reports

    Been to Gourmeltz in Fredericksburg a few times for meetups with friends, had a few good conversations about my purty 1911. Not even a funny look from anyone.
  3. ron73440

    Hampton Roads - OC reports

    Took the wife for breakfast at the Plaid Turnip in Suffolk. When I stood to go, a lady looked at me and said "Wow" and gave me a dirty look. I told her "Have a good day" and walked out. That's as close as I have came to any reaction as I have been OC'ing without a mask through all the stupidity.
  4. ron73440

    Hampton Roads - OC reports

    Been to Lowe's and Auto Zone in Suffolk a few times with no issues. I was carrying my S&W 1911 and the Auto Zone guy asked "Is that a 1911?" told him it was and got "Hell yeah, I love those."
  5. ron73440

    VA-ALERT: VCDL is organizing NOW to fight back - we need YOU to do your part!

    Are we, really any more? I don't see a whole lot of the limited powers covered by the Constitution and the Supreme Court is more than willing to support expansions of the State. (wickard vs filburn, obamacare ruling, ect. ect)
  6. ron73440

    Hampton Roads - OC reports

    Wasn't worth it.
  7. ron73440

    Hampton Roads - OC reports

    I realized that was the best course of action about a minute too late. After 6+ years of carrying with no negative encounters with people, one problem with police and being kicked out of one store, I was totally taken by surprise this time. Hope it doesn't happen again, but I should do a...
  8. ron73440

    Hampton Roads - OC reports

    Had my first run in with a crazy person. In the Lowe's on Suffolk Main Street, I hear a lady say "You have a gun, Why would you have a gun in here?" I looked at her, but didn't reply. Lady: You don't look like a cop, I don't even think cops should carry off duty, but you're not one, right...
  9. ron73440

    Hampton Roads - OC reports

    My wife and I went to a Korean restaurant in Newport News, Sorabol, and had a great meal. We had been there many times with no issues, and this was no different. Then we went to the Korean bakery next door and bought some sweet bread, once again very friendly worker and no issues. After that...
  10. ron73440

    Cville OC (Charlottesville)

    Just wanted to say, that quote from Korwin is phenomenal.
  11. ron73440

    Hampton Roads - OC reports

    Been in Suffolk 2 years now and still not a single complaint and quite a few positive comments. My dog has been in training at the Petco off of University Blvd for 11 weeks without a problem. Took my wife for breakfast on Saturday to the Plaid Turnip and two ladies were sitting right by where...
  12. ron73440

    Greater Richmond OC reports

    Sorry, posted in the wrong location.
  13. ron73440

    CC Instructor "what ifs" me

    I went to the S&D gun show in New Bern, NC on Saturday, I hate to disarm for a gun show but my sons really wanted to go. There were some nice guns and accessories there and the usual group of booths. I entered a few raffles and bought both of my boys a knife. One booth had a raffle for a free...
  14. ron73440

    Roadblocks to catch a murderer, cooperate with being searched or not.

    I was watching a crime show on the ID channel and a murderer had killed three people in three towns. While on the run he stole a car from a woman he contacted because her car was for sale. At this point they showed news coverage of the manhunt and police were stopping cars and checking the...
  15. ron73440

    North Carolina Seafood Festival

    Is anybody going to this? I looked at their website, nothing was said about weapons and they don't charge admission so OC is OK as far as I can tell. Anywhoo, I'll be there Saturday and maybe Sunday, look for the redneck OC'ing a black pistol with a short wife and two monkeys running around.