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Recent content by solus

  1. solus

    Philipsburg Town Council

    MSG again, best always and I hope the council is interested and actively participate in the gradual change I witnessed you initiate and pursue to completion while in Bellingham/Whatcom county. sigh WA's loss... i'm hoping against everything the spidey senses that are tingling horrifically...
  2. solus

    Firearms on Post Office Property

    Sir, as previously mentioned, not entertaining nor debating your mythical theology beliefs with you on this open carry forum or discussing your inability to discern your own misperceptions of the founding father's belief system as they got this country off the ground. For future reference "I"...
  3. solus

    How will Opencarry be, with this Inserection act taking place ?

    I'm sure Custard was impressed w/Sioux and their allies, the Northern Cheyenne during their meeting at Little Bighorn.[sidebar - not sure how the Natives "snuck" up on the cavalry killing everyone, but...eh...real history...
  4. solus

    Firearms on Post Office Property

    sorry gypsy...not debating your personal perceptions of belief of theology in the constitution but historically the founding specifically left the references to any specificity of "deities & piety" out of their document which is the foundation of a young nation! as for your interpretation of...
  5. solus

    ARF.com gone

    Uh, someone enlighten me what site is ARFCOM? as stated, AR15 was back operational within a few hours on a different and more sympathetic ISP. [he said-they said] further, Go Daddy did due diligence, notified the mgmt of AR there were alleged contractual violations noted and gave the site...
  6. solus

    How will Opencarry be, with this Inserection act taking place ?

    True buckeye aren't ya 🙄😳👍 [ohio national guard not Army/USAF members and Gov Rhodes called them in at behest of Akron's mayor... If memory serves, those walking down Columbus' high street in the university district during the same period became quite uneasy and made sure their hands were open...
  7. solus

    Arkansas law allows deadly force against pattern of domestic abuse since 1997

    Ah...as quoted from dougie's post...here is what Eugene stated...quote: 9-15-103(3) "Domestic abuse" [includes] … [p]hysical harm, bodily injury, assault [= purposely created apprehension of imminent physical injury, defined to include impairment of physical condition, infliction of substantial...
  8. solus

    How will Opencarry be, with this Inserection act taking place ?

    Might this member inquire to whom your post is directed to "on the other side of the country"? Who is "your" you refer to? The Posse Comitatus Act is an act that prohibits the federal government from using the armed forces [Army & USAF only] as a posse comitatus for law enforcement, except in...
  9. solus

    Firearms on Post Office Property

    Alas, the founding fathers purposely left affirmation towards any religious "deity(s)" & "piety" out of the original language of their constitution [as well as the Declaration] as they did not move further into regaling nor instilling any orthodoxy nor employ the traditional language of...
  10. solus

    What do you carry?

    Reported this nonsensical spam
  11. solus

    Verticle Shoulder Holster

    PS...when driving xcountry i move my OC'd firearm to a shoulder holster 1) saves my hip/seatbelt side; 2) makes my SD firearm extremely accessible in case it's needed; 3) nice LEs can be shown quite readily where my SD firearm is located. [please note LEs know immediately the registered owner...
  12. solus

    Verticle Shoulder Holster

    The main reason is most long term firearm carrying citizens consider these holsters a problem is if you need to defend yourself you and draw your firearm you are forced to sweep bystanders, behind and through your strong arm to get your SD firearm to the ready. OP, understand it’s a highly...
  13. solus

    Travel with weapons?

    Reported for what it is worth
  14. solus

    Sununu vetoes last three anti-gun bills

    Reported again
  15. solus


    No the cause of the conflict actually started way before Lincoln was elected and as Lincoln's first inaugural speech was quoted & cited by me in my post seven. That stated, http://civilwarcause.com/CWIntroduction.html quote: American academic historians have with near unanimity cited slavery as...