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Recent content by stled

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    Links to AK Gun laws needed

    I have been trying to round up the state gun laws and it seems difficult to do. ( A lot like MO. ) If anyone has a set of links for AK gun laws I would really appreciate them. Thanks, Ed In st. Louis MO.
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    Gov. Nixon set to veto HB436 TODAY

    Sorry everyone my info was a little late. Should have known gunner would be up on this. Ed
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    Need a good place to buy ammo near Minturn/Avon

    Hi from MO. My youngest is in Minturn and my wife is visiting him and they need a good place to pick up a case or 2 of .40 the Walmart seems to out and she has used up all that I sent with her ( new carbine for the sons 25th birthday) they have a great place to shoot but can't find any. Can...
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    Working with what you have.

    Shamelessly stolon from Joe at http://blog.joehuffman.org/Trackback.aspx?guid=82760b75-6aeb-44b3-9b48-6efc80e3b4b1 I have separated the last 2 lines to hi-light them *Update: After reading his comment I think that instead of “mildly anti-gun” it would be more accurate to say he is accepting...
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    St. Louis Guns rights Examiner on OC Bans

    http://www.examiner.com/gun-rights-in-st-louis/st-louis-county-attorney-on-crusade-against-open-carry Kurt Hofmann weighs in on OC ban tactics. Ed
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    link to Missouri ccw rules and regs

    imported post Link to PDF from MO HP http://www.mshp.dps.mo.gov/MSHPWeb/Publications/Brochures/SHP-863.pdf Ed