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Recent content by talkinggoat

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    Open Carry in a State Park or Wildlife Refuge

    I have been doing some research into a couple people I've heard, getting ticketed for carrying a loaded rifle, while driving their ATV's. Although I wasn't looking for that particular information, it got me thinking that if they can ticket someone for carrying a loaded rifle, what is to stop a...
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    When to Protest?

    When is it time to protest a business that has an anti 2a policy? I don't mean standing in front with signs, I mean, posting on a personal social media page, "XYZ business doesn't support open carry." or "XYZ has a firearm free sign, don't go there." or "XYZ has a no-gun sign, call them and say...
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    Local Business, "Catains" No Guns

    I just went into a local hardware store, Catains, that I've been in several times, open carrying. 4603 Bridge St Hwy, St Martinville, LA, United States I asked the owner if I could leave a stand with several pamphlets by the register. After I explained to her, "open carry is the open carrying...
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    Pull-A-Part Lafayette

    Just went with my brother-in-law to get a part for his old Chevy at Pull-A-Part at 207 Galbert Rd, Lafayette. We were informed, thankfully before we paid to get in, they are not second amendment friendly. Their 'no firearms' sign is far in the back of the main building, where you can't see it...
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    OC At a Demonstration

    I've been told, by several people, that OC'ing at a demonstration, where there is a permit, is a no-no... however, I believe they are referring to RS 40:1372.3 N. No concealed handgun may be carried into and no concealed handgun permit issued pursuant to this Section shall authorize or entitle a...