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Recent content by usaf0906

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    Citizen's Committee on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

    imported post www.ccrkba.org/ I was wondering if this is a good group to be a part of. The only thing that worries me is "The common sense gun lobby" partbecause common sense isnt always common. thoughts?
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    The Pub on coliseum

    imported post Has anyone OC'd here since they opened? I have heard they have good food but havent heard if they are OC friendly or not. I wouldnt mind being the test subject, just curious if anyone has gone there yet.
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    Open carry loaded magazines?

    imported post some states say that a loaded magazine is a critical component of the firearm, for purposes of concealment. Is this the case in Texas? The reason I bring this up is one could have an OWB magazine pouch/holster with loaded magazines, and conceal carry the handgun. While this isnt...
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    San Angelo

    imported post So I just found out I am getting stationed in San Angelo at Goodfellow AFB starting in april. I was wondering if there was anyone on here that is from there or that area that could provide some information on shooting ranges (indoor and outdoor) and other info on the area. Thanks...
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    How long does it take?

    imported post I applied for a CPL when I was in walla walla on august 18th, and they said i should hear from them within 30 days. I was curious if there was a set time frame they have to act in, and what I might be able to do.
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    applying for concealed permit

    imported post I will be home on vacation and want to get my WA CPL. I have a WA drivers license and my home of record in is walla walla (military). as far as I can tell all I need isto takemy WA DL and the $55.25 fee to the police dept. I am curious what information goes in to the application...
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    Anyone ever OC in walla walla??

    imported post Walla Walla is my home town and I was thinking of bring my Glock 23 the next time i come to visit. I am curious if anyone has carried around downtown or not so i can start planning ahead and get an idea of what to expect.
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    OC not allowed at Red Robin?

    imported post I have OC'd about 3 or 4 times in the past with nothing said to me, but today my wife and I went there for a late lunch and the Manager said that it was Red Robin policy that only LEO's are allowed to be armed. He asked me if there was any wayI could put it in my car. I replied...
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    Carry at Hampton Gun Show?

    imported post i saw some posts from 2007 talking about insurance issues for the people that put on the gun show and not allowing loaded weapons.. i was wondering if this was still the case or if i would be good to carry.. either way i will be heading that way in an hour or so, any info would...
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    tidewater area dinner?

    imported post not sure who all would be interested in a sunday or a monday evening OC dinner somewhere.. but i figured i would throw the idea out there... reply with which day you prefer and a location that is gun friendly and has good food..
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    hampton CHP at 45 day mark

    imported post Iknow the VCDL has info to contact the VSC and "complain" to the chief justice, i was wondering if anyone has applied lately and/or had any issues?
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    OC at smokey bones?

    imported post myself and a fellow OC'er are planning on dining at the smokey bones on jefferson in newport news. can anyone confirm or deny that they are gun friendly? thanks in advance for your help.
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    Hello OCDO

    imported post Although i have made a few posts already, i figured i would make a "introduction" post. i am 24, in the air force, been around guns since i was 8. just bought my first hand gun on black friday (glock 19). enjoy being able to open carry, waiting on my CHP. i just joined the VCDL as...