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Recent content by websterz

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    Where'd everyone go?

    You can practically hear crickets in here.
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    Laid up in the hospital.

    The chronic strep infection in my leg flared up again, with a vengeance. So for the next few days I am forced to go without my trusty pistol and hope for the best. I feel absolutely naked!!!
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    Picking up my new OC pistol tomorrow!

    I have close to 3000 rounds of 9mm range brass and nothing to shoot it in. So it was time for me to add a 9 to the collection. After much research I decided on the Ruger SR9. Cowboy's Gun and Pawn in Ponca City matched Buds Gun Shop's price for me, $408 out the door. I like Buds but will support...
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    Everyone be careful out there...

    We have major storms coming in tonight and tomorrow. Not really OC related but still important.
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    Ammo shelves are overflowing

    At the Ponca City Walmart. Plenty of handgun ammo in .38 .357mag 9mm .40 and .45. They even have a good stock of .22lr.
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    Where are all the OC'ers?

    I hit the stores a couple times a week and am always looking for people carrying. In the last couple of months I have seen only one other person, an off duty county deputy, open carrying. For a while I saw someone almost every time I went out. Has the novelty worn off? Come on folks... strap 'em...
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    Spending the week in Texas.

    I feel naked not being able to open carry my .45 here. Oh well, my CZ82 in the IWB will do I guess.
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    First negative OC comment.

    I was getting a key made at WalMart when a customer noticed my 1911 and mentioned he saw lots of OC when he lived in Arizona but hardly ever in Oklahoma. The guy making my key looked at my gun and got all snooty "I don't think anyone but police should be allowed to carry guns in here!"...
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    Post your open carry experiences and encounters

    Had my first wide-eyed little kid experience today in the Walmart parking lot...a little boy about 6 or 7. He saw my pistol as I was getting out of the truck, turned to his dad and said "Oooohhhhh...a GUN!!" Dad smiled and nodded at me, I laughed and went in to do my shopping. As I walked past...
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    What do you carry?

    This will be going into rotation with my CZ82 as soon as it is broken in and proven reliable. Tisas m1911, 5" GI config.
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    Full size 1911's anyone?

    Who here carries a full size 1911? I just bought my first, a Tisas m1911, and it is going to be my open carry as soon as it has proven itself up to the task. I will still CC my CZ82, but the lure of that big .45 was just too much for me to resist. The pistol has gotten rave reviews everywhere I...
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    Valero stores in Ponca City have dropped the gun busters

    3 of the Valero stores in Ponca are owned by the same guy, and when OC became law he posted his stores with signs "No weapons allowed except for police." I talked with the gal working the register that first day and she knew nothing about it. I explained to her that the signs won't stop folks...