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Recent content by woodyrr

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    On Calling Establishments and Asking about Carry Policies

    I was a member of an organization - I say I was a member because I had to withdraw my support and promotion because of their decision to post against open carry. It appears that someone called and told them they were going to visit and carry openly on the grounds. The result was the powers that...
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    CVS Signs Gone Missing?

    I noticed in another thread a couple of posts about gunbusters signs disappearing at CVS locations. Although I have not walked up to the door and looked carefully, I no longer see signs at 15th and Air Depot in Midwest City and 36th West and Robinson in Norman. Both were previously very...
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    Cheleno's Mexican Restaurant - Del City, No Open Carry Sign

    I am new to this forum. I have been a regular at the Del City Cheleno's for over a decade. About a month ago, I stopped by for my usual dinner to find all of the entrances posted with new gunbusters signs that say "No open carry weapons permitted". I have a long standing policy of not...