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Congratulations, Suavo Mustachio!

Johnny Stiletto

Regular Member
Jun 20, 2008
Rome, Wisconsin, USA
Yeah. I'm just giving credit where credit is due. Thanks for pointing that out, "Jon".

Sadly, not a whole lot of tinkering is necessary to create such a spectacle, as we can see in specific threads on this forum. People will continue to take sides, and the people who say they are not taking sides will continue to take sides. It's no mystery to me who the self-serving egomaniacs are, even when they try desperately to hide behind their seemingly positive agenda.

Divide and conquer, in the most suicidal sense. As long as we feel that we have to identify with others to succeed, the big picture gets distorted, the objective changes, and then, if successful, the objective only serves some when it was originally meant to serve all.

Jon Bonavia

Dec 9, 2010
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Another sharp observation. Thanks.

I think that the owners/operators tacitly encourage "measuring contests" by allowing the avatars. Many seem to be even more loaded than the user names. I think everything is going just the way the owners/operators desire.