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Indiana Legislation 2007


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Oct 9, 2006
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Read em and bear in mind that some of this legislation is aimed at Indianapolis specifically and RKBA in general across the state. www.in.gov/apps/lsa/session/billwatch/billinfo?year=2007&session=1&request=all
This listing includes all proposed legislation for this year. This is a new House with many new Dem Representatives with new leadership in the House and Senate. This means there will be some laws pushed much farther than they have been allowed to go in the past.
SB 0018 -- Handgun sales. "Corrects the law passed last year that included sending a copy of 4473 to Indiana SP"
HB 1200 does the same thing as SB 0018

HB 1011 -- Regulation of firearms during an emergency. "Would bar any and all gov state to local from imposing any added restrictions on the sale, use, possession of firearms."
HB 1089 -- Local regulation of firearms.
Authored by Representative Orentlicher
"Indianapolis/Marion county total and complete exemption from the current state pre-emption. This is one we should in all directions have various reps embrace with amendments to remove the grandfather date currently in statute and maybe give it some teeth. One such tooth would be to include all State Depts including the DNR in the pre-emption."

HB 1090 -- Sale of handguns.
Authored by Representative Orentlicher
"Muddies the water in relation to gun show vendors. Mandates one handgun a month.

HB 1118 -- Possession of firearms on certain property. "Safe storage of firearms in POV at employers property and for visitors of such and more."
Also there are several measures concerning Illegal aliens.

As I understand how communications works when expressing views to legislators an email is worthless.

Faxes may be 100x the value in the email.
A hand written letter less than one page may be worth 100x a fax.
A personal visit to the legislators office may be worth as much or more than a handwritten letter.
The letter I am speaking of is not typed or a copy. Typed and copied may weigh somewhere between a fax and an email.
I mean this only as a guide for meaning full expression. I am sure I am not accurate in these ratings and those who know where to look them up can reply to correct me.
Gerald OBrien