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New from Tony Idaho Open Carry


Regular Member
Sep 28, 2008
Nampa, Idaho, USA
"Idaho Carry is coming to your town for a day.

Tony and Valerie Snesko, the founders of Idaho Carry and 2nd Amendment 2014, will spend the rest of the year visiting all 44 Idaho counties. We are looking for individuals in Idaho cities to locate an Open Carry friendly restaurant in your town and then coordinate with us a Saturday or Sunday breakfast, lunch or dinner that your friends can attend. We will be available to start our Idaho tour the 2nd week in June and continue on until the winter snow stops us.

The purpose of these meetings will not be a sales pitch for membership, but rather an encouragement to your citizens to Open Carry in your town and to get your friends involved politically in your area with 2nd Amendment2014.com, an organization we just created to identify gun friendly candidates to run for office. This will involve all elected offices, including your sheriff, city council and school board. We need you to tell us who is gun-friendly and who is not because 2014 will be an extremely important year for Idaho and the pro-gun legislation we will be submitting. If you want Idaho Carry to come to your town, contact me via email."

We would also like to find the busiest place in your town to set up a table to advertise 2nd Amendment 2014 and Idaho Carry, either inside a busy store or in their parking lot. If you have a large event in your community, we would like to set up a booth, so please check your community calendar and contact me.

We will be handing out our new cards that will have the case laws that explain when Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) can stop you. Carrying a gun is not one of those reasons. These cards are to be respectfully handed to any LEO who does stop you.
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