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New to Alabama


Jul 28, 2015
"As good a place as any" (old title)
for me to make my introduction. I'm currently living in Las Vegas, but am relocating to Huntsville before the end of September. Looking forward to the move. Have been in Las Vegas for just over 20 years now and am ready for some new scenery. Am originally from Texas and will always be a Texan, but Alabama seemed like the spot for us so that's where we are going.

I'm new to the entire idea of owning a handgun and getting a CCW. But I feel it's time. Having spent 8 years in the Army as an Infantryman and having grown up in the cedar and mesquite scattered lands of northwest Texas, I am very familiar with handling guns and the dangers that go with mishandling them (have lost two cousins and an uncle to hunting accidents - realize both my mother had 12 siblings and my dad had 11, so I have LOTS of cousins and we're all country born and bred).

I recently purchased a used SIG P230 from a private party and will likely get my CCW here in Nevada, though I may just wait until I get to Bama. Not sure if I'm brave enough to open carry here in Vegas. There was a gentleman shot 9 times by metro at a Costco a couple of years ago while OC'ing.
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Legendary Warrior
May 21, 2006
Welcome to OCDO TexNVegas.

Moved your post to a separate thread here as it was lost in the original short thread. Locals should call out to you soon and will walk you through any questions you might have.

Meanwhile read up on the Alabama laws. Some will be different from what you knew previously.
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Feb 28, 2011

You'll find that AL has some pretty good carry laws, OC being one of them.

While I live in TN just north of the border, I lived over 23 years in AL, mostly in the Madison suburb area. The heat and humidity take some getting used to (vs. Seattle) but the traffic and lower cost of living makes up for it.

To reiterate and endorse Grape's comment, here is a link to AL gun laws: http://www.ago.state.al.us/Page-Alabama-Weapon-Law Have questions, just ask, we might get it right the first time. :banana:

ETA: AL recognizes all other states CCW/permits, but only if you are not a resident of AL. Once you become a resident, you have to have your AL permit to conceal carry or carry while in a vehicle. The good news is that you *should* get your permit within 30 days of applying.

Madison County Sheriff Dorning uses every bit of the 30 days to issue permits. Limestone country (the county just west of Madison county) issues permits pretty much while you're standing there (10-15 minutes).

Good luck!
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