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Nowhere to run to when the $h*# hits the fan


Regular Member
Jul 11, 2017
Planet Earth
The one area that immediately comes to mind where I am "short" in my preps is potable water. While there are a small (~5 ac.) and a large lake (~25 ac.) very close by, I question whether ANY level of filtration and treatment will work. There is no "running" water, not even an intermittent stream nearby.
As for food and fuel, 4-20 lb. propane bottles, 2 in use on a gas grill and a heater in a workroom & 2 spares, a multitude of various types of flashlights & lanterns (battery), 1 ea. propane & white gas lanterns, WG camp stove, LOTS of candles plus paraffin & wicks to make more, ~20 gal. gas for car & generator, assorted canned and dried foods ( no "25 year" stuff), plus the means to keep and protect said items.


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
personally JT, i invested in a propane genset and in hindsight as gasoline skyrockets in cost the purchase seems to be was a wise investment!

H2O is always problematic in these types of circumstances.

also invested in decent communicative devices for emergencies...natural and otherwise in lieu of midland/cobra/cb lower tier some use and rely on. [contemplated but did not go so far as investing in sat fones tho for a variety of reasons cost being paramount]

finally JT consider a couple of portable solar panels e.g., https://generark.com/products/home-emergency-power-supply?
or https://www.energysage.com/energy-products/portable-solar-products/