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Vehicle OC misinformation being spread?

color of law

Accomplished Advocate
Oct 7, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Easy The powers to be has decided such.

Not that it is right.

If it is a bag of dope in comes under plain view if it is a firearm it is concealed.

I didn't see any mention of the Wisconsin right to bear arms amendment in the argument maybe I missed it.

Wouldn't that amendment and the 2nd amendment be the first arguments you would use when defending a weapons case.
Most defense attorneys are not appeal attorneys. The attorney friend I work with is an appeal attorney. Every case worked on in the lower courts are attacked on appealable issues, Brady violations and government perjury.

And, you can't make just constitutional arguments. You have to raise constitutional issues as applied to you. One so called constitutional violation against you just may not be a constitutional violation against someone else.

You also have to understand that most attorneys are in it for the money. Many of them believe a plea bargain is a win. You have to manage your attorney and know the law better than the attorney.


Regular Member
Dec 18, 2008
The law doesn't prohibit having a loaded handgun in say, your glove box or center counsel. Just because some like to think of the old law before it was changed, doesn't mean we still are held to the old law.