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What was your first gun you shot and how old?


Feb 17, 2009
Wheatland, MO
First rifle was a Winchester model 61 of my grandfathers back in 1957. As a youngster of ten, I spent many hours hunting the fields and woods of eastern Johnson County, Kansas. I can remember being able to visually watch the .22 shorts leaving the bbl. and in flight for maybe 10 yards or so back then, as the muzzle velocity was so low on the old .22 shorts (or maybe my eyes were so much better). Probably a combination of both.

First handgun was a Ruger old model flattop .357 mag. in early 1958. It was a cool spring evening when a friend of the family brought the (then fairly new) old flattop to our farm to shoot. It was getting dark and I remember vividly the muzzle flash of the 158gr. lswc from the 4 5/8" bbl in the evening setting sun and the smell of the gunpowder.

First shotgun was an old double barrel external hammer damascus steel 12ga. This was not too bad to shoot, even for a youngster as the loads were light and the shotgun was heavy, though I do not remember the brand or bbl. length.


Regular Member
Mar 26, 2011
Lexington, Ky
Stevens 410 gauge single-barrel shotgun @ age 6. By age 8 I was squirrel hunting by myself on our hillside home.

.30-06, forget the make/model, bolt-action rifle @ age 10.

Both weapons was a christmas present at each age.

Growing up in eastern Kentucky, in the hills, back in the early 90s, no one really cared that kids 8, 9, 10, etc would hunt with live-fire weapons, by themselves. Because our parents taught us what to, and not to do, and hell, when my Dad was at work, and it was squirrel season, turkey, rabbit, etc, my mom would give me a box of shells, and tell me to go play, and not to shoot the neighbor's cows. Just like when my parents was that age, their parents would send them out to play all day, with knives, guns, cars, whatever, ya know? Kids my age and older in Kentucky, and other gun-friendly areas, and rural areas, we'd be told to go out and play, and we'd not come home until dinner, but we knew we was safe, our parents knew we'd be safe, and we didnt have a care in the world.

Kids these days, oi, they spend too much time on the computer, and consoles, then when they dont have an outlet for their kid-ish energy, their parents put them on dope meds under the guise of ADHD.

Even though I'm gay, I do have the prospect of having a kid sooner or later, blood or by law, but I know I'm gonna make sure they know what I knew about guns, at 6 they'll get a shot gun, 10 a rifle, 15 a pistol, just like I did; I just hoep that when they do, that it'll be without having to get such things from a black market, or from a mobster, or whatever, cuz I have an odd feeling that when I have kids who come of age, the things I enjoyed in my youth, will be all but gone.


Regular Member
May 15, 2013
Stark County, Ohio
BB gun don't really remember it much about it.

The first gun I shot that I remember was 43 years ago. My Christmas present a H&R Topper 158 .410. Still have it.


New member
Dec 13, 2011
Alleghany VA
.22 short Remington clone of Browning .22 semiauto. Probably around 10 years old or so. 20 gauge single shot shotgun, about 14. .22lr Colt frontier scout single action revolver, about 15


Regular Member
Mar 22, 2012
The High Plains of Wyoming
Got my BB gun for Christmas when I was 5, dad set up a range in the basement to teach me to shoot, I wasn't even strong enough to cock it myself. Dad started drilling gun safety into me day1 when he handed me the cocked gun he watched every move I mad and insisted the trigger finger stay outside the trigger guard. There was no slack just because I was young.

He gave me the first rifle he ever bought (his folks were NOT gun people), a single shot .22, Winchester 68, the model that had the cocking knob on the rear of the bolt when I was 7 or 8, and a Remington 870 20 ga when I was 12.

The first rifle I ever bought myself was a slightly sproterized Enfield No 2 when I was 14 and an M-1 carbine the next year with money from putting up hay.

Dad was literally on his death bed (he started slipping about 3:00 AM that night) and I asked him if he had any idea what he was starting when he gave me that BB gun; he let out a big belly laugh and just shook his head no.


Regular Member
Jul 7, 2011
When I was 15 it was 1991 I shot a smith and wesson model 681 for the first time. Having never shot a gun in my life I was not sure what to expect. I walked in to the range a scared teenager and came out an avid firearms lover for life.

What is your story?

Winchester Model 69A .22 Rifle (3).jpg

(click on pic to enlarge)

I was eleven when I first had the experience of shooting a firearm. It was during my first time to squirrel hunt with my Dad. The firearm was this Winchester .22 bolt action rifle which was presented to him by his older brother when he was a lad.

Several years ago, my aging father presented the old rifle to me, and I took it to a local gunsmith and had it drilled and tapped and outfitted with a scope.

This precious heirloom will be a part of our family for generations to come.
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