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Bill Starks
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  • Just wondering if Laureen from Autozone ever sent you a copy of the company policy? I didnt see it listed on the Northwest citizens defense legue policy page.
    Your ammo is ready. I loaded 50 rounds with 3031, as I could not find data for the 330 gr cast bullet for the 4831. The remaining 30m rounds, I loaded with 12.6 gr of Trail Boss. This should push those at about 1100 fps. good load for your BFA. I can bring them to your house or just deliver them at the gun show this weekend.
    I spent $3 for primers and the lead w/ casting would be about the same.
    Have you gotten confirmation on the OC table yet? If not, really bug them. We had to in order to get our table. They said we would be next to you.
    I'm currently in the PCSO Citizen Academy and we just had a presentation by Mark Lindquest who is the PC Prosecutor and he said his office is very open to citizens contacting them etc. Maybe he would be the one to contact or maybe see if someone from his office could come a Denny’s meeting one Saturday? I haven't had a chance to attend one yet due to my work schedule so I don’t know what’s happens besides a meet-and-greet.

    One of the items they did for the class was have us w rite out 10 questions we wanted to ask about the Sheriff’s department, so I basically asked why our firearms are unloaded and given back to us in a bag. Later in the class (its 13 weeks) Sheriff Pastor will be talking to us so I’ll try to bring up the question then also.

    I’ll keep you posted,
    I would like to get the entire email with header. I can blank out your personal info before I make it into a PDF file for the world to see. Having the header info shows folks it real and not just something someone typed up. My personal email: m1gunr@gmail.com

    Tanker from 84 - 93, stationed at Ft Knox, Ft Lewis, Korea, Ft Stewart as well as Desert Shield & Storm.

    Bill Starks
    How about posting the Corporate policy reply in the Sears/Kmart anti-OC thread http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?75778-Sears-and-Kmart-Defense-Free-Zones/page3 to your NorthWest Citizens Defense page with the policies listed. It's a great resource and I point people to it all the time.
    By the way, I'm a former 19K. I was in from 1987 until 2001. I was stationed in Kitizgen Germany (3rd Inf Div based in Wurtzburg) and Ft Hood Texas (1st Cav) with 7 months to Saudi and Iraq for Desert Shield/Storm.
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