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Recent content by color of law

  1. color of law

    Firearms on Post Office Property

    kocked&locked, your practice and love of urolagnia and coprophagia does not conform with forum rules.
  2. color of law

    Firearms on Post Office Property

    In other words, it is your understanding of your God, not my God. A man owes certainly the purest love and the deepest reverence to his Creator. To conform oneself to the Law of Nature and to carry out the designs of his Creator. AP, you really need to read “THE LAW OF NATIONS OR THE PRINCIPLES...
  3. color of law

    Firearms on Post Office Property

    Which bible are you relying on? What about Tyndale's Bible, early 1500, being the first English translation from Hebrew and Greek texts? Or King Henry VIII version compiled in 1535. The Geneva Bible, in the year 1560. How about King James version done about 1610? And let’s not leave out the...
  4. color of law

    Kamala Does Not Qualify to be Vice President

    January 23, 2021 and no lawsuit. Ha, Ha, Ha... The little wuss cocked&locked has shown his true colors. He didn't file any lawsuit because he knows he will get a good old fashion ass whipped by the court. He is a fraud; a con artist for sure. cocked&locked is now eating his own $hit.
  5. color of law

    Looking for these in my community

    >22LR at .05 or 5 for .25. The other side bubblegum balls.
  6. color of law

    Any Montana People?

    Would love Montana People participating on this forum, but not surprising since the last posting on Montana Shooting Sports Association's website is January 23, 2020. Now, when it comes to FaceBook, MSSA is quite active. However, FB offers no real discussion of gun issues and FB is not a...
  7. color of law

    ARF.com gone

    But it is not running for posting purposes.
  8. color of law

    Verticle Shoulder Holster

    It just takes getting use to. You are aware that Ohio knife law has changed, going into effect end of March. New section (H) ORC 2923.12(H) For purposes of this section, "deadly weapon" or "weapon" does not include any knife, razor, or cutting instrument if the instrument was not used as a...
  9. color of law

    Mailchimp Boots VCDL Gun-Rights Group

    Ipse = International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering I'm at a loss to understand.
  10. color of law

    Mailchimp Boots VCDL Gun-Rights Group

    Wait until they start shutting down ALL conservative speech like newsmax and others, including this forum. It's coming, just you wait.
  11. color of law

    Open Carry Event in Washington DC January 17, 2021?

    For the most part I can fine no argument with your observation and conclusion. And the low participation here is different than observation/visitors to read what is posted. I have wondered if all the legal/case law postings, including legal interpretations fall on deaf ears? In other words, is...
  12. color of law

    Open Carry Event in Washington DC January 17, 2021?

    https://www.newsmax.com/us/capitol-breach-fbi/2021/01/14/id/1005682/ Good morning Mr. Wray, How do you like OCDO? Your perusing of this forum surely has informed you of the law and the right to keep and bear arms and as you know any law repugnant to the constitution is void ab initio. Go in peace.
  13. color of law

    Open Carry Event in Washington DC January 17, 2021?

    Shaun, I understand where you are coming from. I am familiar with Icarry and your case. I too have been arrested and prosecuted for open carry. A 20 month ordeal ending in acquittal. As you found out the court system is crooked as hell. I also see you have been banned from IllinoisCarry, not...