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Recent content by dave_in_delaware

  1. dave_in_delaware

    Self-Defense Shooting - One Year Later

    imported post Well, I have come up on the anniversary of that horrible evening in New Castle. It has been one year since those two punks surprised me in my own driveway and jammed a gun into my ribs and demanded my money, and I returned the favor of surprise by shooting one of them point-blank...
  2. dave_in_delaware

    Finally taking the plunge!

    imported post OK, OK. I know I've been against some of the "requirements" we need to satisfy just to get a CCDW License, but since the process isn't going to change (and could get worse in the future), and the benefits are greater, I've decided to go ahead and get my CCDW. This isn't to say...
  3. dave_in_delaware

    OC in hot weather

    imported post With warmer and hotter weather quickly approaching, I was wondering what everyone here does (or will do). I only started OCing last winter, when long pants were a good thing. But what about the warmer/hotter weather?What about wearing shorts? Do you all have "dress" shorts w/...
  4. dave_in_delaware

    New Castle County Meeting #4

    imported post OK, you guys/gals know the drill by now.Let's get some ideas for the next meeting, then we'll focus on a date. Did everyone like the range trip then food idea? Or should we just get together for some food this next time? And, another weekend date or during the week? Let's hear...
  5. dave_in_delaware

    Have you ever just NOT wanted to OC?

    imported post Greetings. I had a strange occurrence earlier today and wanted to ask everyone else here if it has ever happened to you. I try to OC wherever/whenever I can. I usually feel "naked" when I don't OC (or at least have my gun in my car somehow). I've grown accustomed to having my...
  6. dave_in_delaware

    Anyone else getting wierd error messages??

    imported post When posting today, I've gotten stuff like this showing up. It happens after clicking on "Send" so naturally I think my post didn't go through, when it actually did. :banghead::cuss::question::question::question: Edited to add: Maybe I should post this on the general forum...
  7. dave_in_delaware

    Reloading, reloading, and more reloading

    imported post Well, it's become evident that we need a thread dedicated to reloading, so here it is! Post it all here! [and before you ask: no, I don't reload, nor do I plan on it. I just don't shoot often enough to justify reloading (yet)...]
  8. dave_in_delaware

    Off topic: Barrels on the Brandywine wine tasting tour...

    imported post Well, seeing as how we're planning our next OC meeting already, and the fact that March also includes other happenings, too... I'd like to personally invite every wine drinker (or at least, taster)here along with me and my fiancee (and another gun nut from XDtalk) to the Barrels...
  9. dave_in_delaware

    New Castle County Get-Together #3

    imported post OK, as promised, here's the beginning of the planning for our next meeting. My guess is that we'll keep the monthly frequency and make this one for some day in March... As has been suggested, for the next time instead of just eating, maybe we could try to make arrangements with a...
  10. dave_in_delaware

    Weapon Retention Training??

    imported post OK, I'm sure most (if not all) of us here on OpenCarry.org have had some sort of weapons training as far as how to hold your gun, aiming, hitting your target, clearing of malfunctions, etc... I'm wondering if anyone here has had (or has considered) any sort of additional training...
  11. dave_in_delaware

    Delaware State Police Tric Tics Site

    imported post LOL. It keeps getting more "interesting" on the internet, especially when it comes to knowing what offenders look like! The Tric-Tics page is a follow-up on the "threat" the Police made in January that any prostitution-related arrest would be made public (and include a photo of...
  12. dave_in_delaware

    OC in/on a Safe School and Recreation Zone

    imported post OK, I'm not 100% sure I understand this Statute. It's found in our favorite section of the "Law": TITLE 11 - Crimes and Criminal Procedure of the Delaware Criminal Code, CHAPTER 5. SPECIFIC OFFENSES, Subchapter VII. Offenses Against Public Health, Order and Decency, Subpart A...
  13. dave_in_delaware

    PUBLIC libraries: their rules vs. our Constitutional rights

    imported post Short version: I was wondering if a PUBLIC librarycan set their own rules and prohibit weapons just like a private business can?? I understand that any private business can make up their own rules, and if they decide they don't want to allow guns (OC or CC) on their property...
  14. dave_in_delaware

    Can anyone beat Wal-Mart ammo prices??

    imported post I was just wondering if anyone has foundbetter ammo prices than a local Wal-Mart? It can be either an actual store (walk in), or an online storefront that ships to your door.
  15. dave_in_delaware

    OC in a NCC public library

    imported post OK, I've been wondering about OC in a New Castle County public library. I can't recall any signs prohibiting it, but then again I've never really looked for such signs. Wynder, and anyone else familiar w/ the Laws, please evaluate these rules and apply them to any...