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Recent content by Detroit5906

  1. Detroit5906

    CC on private property without CPL?

    I was wondering could you technically conceal carry without a cpl on your own personal property such as your backyard? Seems like it would be OK to cc inside your own home without a cpl but what about your yard or property? Just a thought
  2. Detroit5906

    Michigan OC question

    I know that you cannot OC is a place licensed under the liquor control act but does that mean restaurant, supermarkets, and 7-11's are no go's for OC?
  3. Detroit5906

    Michigan OC

    Hey guys! So I'm not a CPL holder because I'm 19 however I'm a legal firearm owner. My parents and most family members are CPL holders however since the rules are different for OC without a CPL I have a few questions. I know I can carry in most any public place and places such as malls, stores...